Types of Sex for Every Mood

Of course, there are going to be times when you are just not in the mood. Whether you’re feeling lazy, upset or just not stimulated, there are always circumstances that make sex a last priority. But, if you are anything like me and are horny 95 percent of the time, then here is a list of the different types of sex that are ideal for every mood. 



You’re in a great mood and you’re feeling good. So while every position will probably be great, try out something you might not normally do. I suggest getting on top and rocking his world (if you’re a girl). Or even the backwards cowgirl, if you can get over the thought of what kind of view they have while in this position. 


Maybe something happened: like you and your boyfriend got in a fight. Maybe it’s just a bad day and your insecurities are getting in the way of your happiness. While the tears are either flowing or are threatening to break free, sex doesn’t seem like a solution. But in many ways, it can be. Since having sex releases endorphins in the brain, it leaves you feeling a little euphoric and — if it’s good sex — with a little smile on your face. For this mood, you need a lot of loving and to feel connected to someone else, as a way to feed off of their energy. Here, the standard missionary position can do the trick because it can be done without being too romantic, and without being too disconnected. Also, it’s probably the best position for makeup sex if you and your boo did have a little fight. 

Everything is getting on your nerves: It’s been a bad day and you’re feeling on edge —potentially a little confrontational. But what better way to blow off some steam than blow out some steam? It’s physically demanding, has the potential to relieve some of the bubbling aggression pent up inside you and it gives you a chance to take your mind off of whatever is bothering you. In this situation, you probably have a little more energy than usual, so take your time. In this mood, one position probably won’t cut it. So I suggest doing a little bit of everything — starting off with a good ole blowjob (or the alternative case, going down on your lover). Having the power over your partner is a major confidence boost and may do wonders to brighten up your mood. Then, opening up with doggy style will certainly charge up the mood. Maybe ask for a little casual choking — or spanking to liven things up. If you start off with the control and lose it while the night goes on, it can give you perspective and put you in your place, simultaneously relieving some of the anger built up inside you. 


Due dates, drama and work are all coming down on you. It all seems to be getting the best of you and you are left restless, frustrated and unable to focus on anything but your responsibilities. Honestly, what better way is there than to shed some of that stress by shedding off your clothes and bumping uglies with some hottie — or your boo? For this very high strung mood, you need to feel completely satisfied. You want your lover to fully take care of your every need and to relieve the physical tension that has wound your body up. It is crucial not to skip the foreplay during these times. So stimulate each other’s bodies and really take your time setting the mood. Then try out my personal favourite — the tight squeeze. This is where you lay flat on your stomach — with the option of them holding your arms behind your back or not — and you keep your legs together, while they fit it in from the back. It allows for them to hit it really deep and it just feels damn good. 


You don’t feel like doing anything, let alone getting out of bed, but you want to feel good, without trying all that hard. This is the perfect opportunity to have that slow, passionate, lazy afternoon with your lover. The sexy spoon is nice because it requires very little physical effort from either person, but also provides the chance to feel each other up since your hands aren’t really occupied. 


This is a weird mood to include in this gif, but I think every person in their 18 to mid-twenties can understand. This period is a major turning point for everyone. Whether you just started college or you are starting your career, everything is changing. You may feel a little lost in life and you don’t really know who you are because you are growing nonstop to become an entirely different person than you were five years ago — or even just two months ago. Things are happening fast and you are in a permanent state of “WTF?” It’s okay. Now is the perfect time to explore who you are, try new things — and that includes sex. It’s time for you to accept your sexuality and experiment to see what you like. For this mood, every position is on the table: from missionary to the helicopter. Try it all! 


Let’s face it, this is a mood. When you need food, it does things to you and plays with your emotions. But sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you’re really craving something else. Why not participate in an activity (other than eating) that requires your mouth? It’s a great way to satisfy any urges you may have and it actually burns calories instead of you consuming them. For this mood, what other position more appropriate than the hungry hippo? The position requires you to start in backwards cowgirl, then in a sort of wrestling move, he flips you over and continues to bang you from behind. It’s a treat! 

Horny, period.

You are just in the mood, so do whatever the heck you want. Always fantasized about a threesome? The more the merrier. If you want to try the octopus? Get on it. Just do it. 


Let your inner wild child out and have fun while you still can!