The Types of Roommates You’ve Probably Had

Living with roommates in university is extremely hit-or-miss. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll find a good group of people to live with early on in your university career and stick together. If not… well, good luck to you! Regardless of your fortunes and misfortunes, though, your roommates will all be different in their own unique ways. If you’re currently living with roommates, you’ll probably be able to sort them into different types of roommates – if not, then just you wait!

Chatty Cathy

Don’t say “hi” to this roommate unless you’ve got time to spare, because she’ll talk your ear off and then some. If she’s not talking to you, she’s probably on the phone gabbing with someone else!

Nosey Nancy

This roommate wants to know all the tea. She won’t leave you alone until she knows about every bit of drama happening in your life. However, she isn’t all bad – she’s also the roommate you go to when you have no clue where another roommate is!

Wise Winnie

Winnie’s the roommate that seems to know everything about anything. Don’t know how to boil an egg? Want to find a new study spot on campus? Need to know an obscure bit of landlord-tenant law? No need to ask Spotted, because Winnie has all the answers you’re looking for.

Stuck-Up Stacy

A Stacy is a roommate with impossibly high standards. Often coming from a hometown like Burlington, she’s the new roommate who will throw out all your old, fully functional items because they don’t look brand new. But when you need to buy new plates, she isn’t hesitant to make sure everyone pays their share.

Impatient Imogen

This is the roommate who can’t wait for anything. She sobs at the thought of someone leaving a dish in the sink until they get back from class. If only she could wrap her mind around the idea that the world doesn’t revolve around her and her schedule!

Anti-Social Agatha

Agatha’s the roommate who hides in her room so much that when you do see her, she may as well be a stranger. You don’t know anything about her, and that probably isn’t going to change, ever. But at least she stays out of the way, right?

Childish Charlie

She’s the roommate who couldn’t have a mature conversation to save her life. Good luck if she has any sort of conflict with any of your other roommates, because she will not be able to handle it like an adult – someone will need to act as her babysitter.

Mother-Bear Monica

A Monica is a blessing in disguise. She’s the one who always quietly looks after the other roommates to make sure everyone’s okay. She gets you water when you’ve had too much to drink on a night out, reminds you to eat and sleep when you’re cramming for exams, and even acts as a live-in therapist at times. Basically, she's an angel in disguise.

Neat-Freak Nettie

Wanting your living space to be clean is understandable, but expecting everything to be spotless every second of every day? That is taking it a bit too far. Netties can be further split into two categories – the ones who will do the extra cleaning she needs done herself and the ones who refuse to do so, instead opting to look at everyone else passive-aggressively until they cave.

Sloppy Sally

On the complete other end of the spectrum is Sloppy Sally - she’s a messy gal, no question about it. Who knows if it’s because she’s too lazy to clean, or if she genuinely doesn’t have standards regarding cleanliness, but either way she always has you wishing that she’d clean up after herself just this once.

Helpful Hillary

Need help setting something up in your room? Or need some sage advice? There’s probably one roommate you like to go to for moments like this. She’s trustworthy, reliable and dependable, and who knows where you would be without her!

Inconsiderate Ingrid

Who cares that you need to write a massive essay, or are cramming for a super important midterm. No, that’s not what I’m thinking, but that’s got to be what the Ingrids of the world are thinking, right? Ingrid always brings completely random people into your home without any sort of heads up, meaning you never know if you’ll be able to get any work done. In the worst of cases it feels like you’re permanently stuck in residence, constantly living with total strangers.

Soul-Sister Sandra

Sometimes you meet people in life and everything just clicks. Any of the past roommate drama you’ve dealt with is instantly made worthwhile, because suffering through that was part of the path that lead you to your soul-sister.

Okay, okay – yes, this is all in jest. You’re not going to have a roommate with one singular personality trait. Real-life roommates are way more complicated, in that they are often a mix of good and bad traits. Hopefully the good outweighs the bad, but if not…