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TV Show Characters That Best Represent Every Zodiac Sign

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier chapter.

One of my favourite things to do when I start watching a new show is trying to guess the zodiac signs of the characters. It can be really fun to analyze the characters’ behaviours, thoughts and personalities and assign them to a specific sun sign. Below I have compiled a list of characters from shows that I associate with each zodiac sign. So, keep on reading to find out which character you are like the most! 


Amy is very ambitious, competitive and driven. As a natural-born leader, she is highly motivated and always honest with the other individuals in her life. Unfortunately, at times she can also be a bit stubborn and prideful, especially when it comes to asking for help from others. This is why I would assign her as an Aries. 


People who are Tauruses are typically very emotionally stable. They are also independent, loyal and they know how to stay calm in stressful times. Like Pam, most Tauruses have a lot of creative interests outside of their work. They usually enjoy taking the time to indulge in the finer things in life, which is why they are sometimes perceived as lazy or procrastinators. 


Geminis are very extroverted and clever. They are lively, persuasive and outgoing individuals. These characteristics make them approachable and great communicators. However, sometimes they tend to go back on their word, which can make people think of them as untrustworthy or not reliable. All of these traits make me think that Meredith is a Gemini. 


Like most Cancers, Mindy is known as a nurturing, sentimental, loving and protective person. All great traits that you would like to see in a doctor. But at times, they can let their emotions get in the way. They care so much that they tend to make other peoples’ problems their own, which accurately describes Mindy. 


Leos are confident, honest and outgoing individuals. They are afraid of no one and are risk-takers. This makes them great leaders, as people tend to listen to them. Although every now and then, they can also be a bit egotistical, which is why I think Alison is a Leo.


Out of all the characters, assigning Rory to a sun sign was the easiest. This is because Rory is the epitome of a Virgo. She is a perfectionist who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. For example, Rory was incredibly driven to get into Harvard. Unfortunately, she can also be critical of herself and she often feels anxious because of her need to succeed. This is why I associate her with the Virgo sign.


Libras are one of the most social and romantic signs. They care a lot about love and their relationships. They spend a lot of time and effort to help those they care about deeply. The downside is that they often crave balance in their life. So, not being able to control other people and situations in order to achieve balance can make them feel really bad. This reminds me a lot of Carrie.


Scorpios are definitely one of the more controversial signs. You either love or dislike them. But in my opinion, Scorpios have many redeemable qualities. They are super charming, smart and observant. Though at times they can also tend to be a bit jealous and manipulative. This is how Blair is perceived by most people who watch Gossip Girl. 


Sagittariuses are very adventurous, and their outgoing and sincere demeanour can make them really fun to be around. Though these qualities can also cause them to be too impulsive, they often make rash decisions that can put them in unsafe situations. Due to this, Sagittariuses can sometimes get themselves into trouble. These characteristics make me believe that Sarah is a Sagittarius. 


Leslie Knope personifies a Capricorn greatly. This is because she is extremely hardworking and puts her job above everything else in her life. In tough situations, she is always looking for a better and more efficient solution to fix the issue at hand. But like most Capricorns, Leslie can often take on more than she can handle, which can cause her to feel excess stress.


Aquariuses stand out from other signs due to their creativity and quirks. They do not seek the approval of others, which allows them to look at life in their own unique way. Their ideas and independence can make them difficult to understand or relate to. This reminds me a lot of Phoebe since in the show the other characters often found her hobbies and passions a little too unconventional.  


Last but not least, we have Pisces. Pisces are very friendly, selfless and caring. They love all people for who they are. This is a lot like Jess, as she has unconditional love for her friends and family. Unfortunately, like a lot of Pisces, Jess can be a bit too sensitive at times. Due to this, she has trouble dealing with her emotions which often causes her to feel sad or confused.

To conclude, I just wanted to say that this article is meant to be fun and taken light-heartedly. At the end of the day, you are your own person and are unique in many amazing ways. Hopefully, you can find something in common with the character that matches up with your zodiac sign. And if you have not watched the shows listed, maybe give it a shot since you could find yourself connecting with the characters mentioned!

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