The True Crime Side of YouTube

There are so many different “sides” to YouTube, but my favourite is definitely true crime.

True crime can range in content, and this side of YouTube isn’t for everyone as a lot of these stories can be super dark and upsetting. Even with their dark nature, however, it is also very interesting to learn about these cases and try to figure out for yourself what really happened. So if you’re someone who loves true crime, or wants to get into it, here are a few channels that may interest you!

The rise of true crime videos started with Buzzfeed Unsolved. These videos got so big that BuzzFeed even created a new channel based on true crime mysteries. Although the channel tries to provide other content, nothing beats the original unsolved videos hosted by Shane and Ryan. If you think true crime may not be for you, this channel may change that. The stories don’t get too dark and the hosts do a good job of taking these mysterious topics and making them more enjoyable.

Another popular channel for true crime is Bailey Sarian. What makes her channel truly unique is that she does her makeup as she tells true crime stories, which ends up being kind of weirdly relaxing. If you’re into beauty, this is a great way to get into some true crime content, as well as have a makeup look to match.

If you’re feeling like diving deeper into darker stories, a good channel to check out is Kendall Rae. She has a different series for each type of crime she covers. The first one is Exposed, which looks at cases about people who have lied about their identity.  There is also Where Is, which talks about people who have gone missing. What really makes her channel stand out is her family involved cases where we get to hear from the family about what happened to their missing or dead loved one. Her videos aren’t all about sharing stories but also spreading awareness in hopes that some of these cases could actually get solved. For bigger and newer cases, she’ll donate her ad revenue to charities or other campaigns involved with the case. Unfortunately, a lot of the cases involve missing children. Kendall Rae really wants to help with that, so she has a lot of fundraisers where she donates to Thorn, a company that uses new technology to help find missing children.  If you want to get serious with true crime, her channel is one to check out. She also has a podcast for true crime!

The fact that there are so many criminal cases where we just don’t know what happened is intriguing and frustrating. However, one of the best parts about watching true crime content is that you get to form your own theories and decide for yourself what you think happened. As I said, this isn’t for everyone, but spreading and sharing the stories can actually be helpful in getting these cases solved for good.