Transition Your Summer Outfits Into Fall With 5 Easy Outfit Ideas

Just as quick as summer has gone by, it’s that time of the year again to trade in our mini-skirts for natural colours and layered outfits to keep warm in the cold weather. Despite how difficult it may be to say goodbye to our favourite summer pieces, it’s quite simple and cost-effective to use the same summer items to create wearable outfits for the changing seasons! Today, we’re here to introduce you to 2019 trends wearable for fall and give you tips on creating outfits focused on bringing a new spotlight to your summer clothes.

Wrap Skirt

Light and breezy, wrap skirts are perfect for cool summer days, making it an easy transition piece for fall when the weather is still mild and not cold enough for more heavy-duty bottom pieces. Styling these skirts for fall would require more layers on top such as your choice of outerwear or simply wearing a long-sleeve shirt or sweater. The look above is a shorter wrap skirt that is paired with a cropped wool coat and light turtleneck shirt. Complete your look with white sneakers or if you are going for a more dressy vibe, pair it with thigh-high boots as the model is wearing above.

Racer Front Tank

A huge summertime trend this year has been the racer front tank; I’ve been seeing this top paired with bicycle shorts or denim cycle shorts. You can still wear this top in the fall; a chic outfit idea is to pair it with a blazer. For a more fall appropriate look, trade in your shorts for a nice pair of Levi jeans. I think that this would look really good with either boot-cut jeans, like the model is wearing, or wide-cut pants. For shoes, zip up ankle boots or platform boots would look amazing with cropped denim. A pair of white sneakers would complement boot-cut jeans and add a more casual vibe for a dressier item like a blazer.

Patterned Blouse

A patterned blouse is a great statement piece that can either be worn alone or with an overcoat. Instead of a summer staple often paired with a skirt, wear your blouse with flared jeans for a vintage vibe this fall. I love the blouse above because of its warm tones. For shoes, tie your outfit together with black booties or Chelseas.

Midi Skirt

A summertime favourite and an easy piece to wear on the go, the midi skirt can be a fall time staple as well. A patterned skirt can act as a statement piece; a simple or plain top will tie the look together. If needed, you can wear a neutral cardigan or jacket during the colder days of the season. I like the look above paired with white socks and sneakers. The skirt can also be paired with black Doc Martins for an edgier vibe.

Plaid Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are another trend that I’ve seen photographed in fashion accounts on Instagram. It’s always nice to have some colour in your wardrobe, so a bright and/or patterned pair of cargo pants would be a refreshing change from neutral colours. I love the bright fall-time colours in this outfit. A jacket on top of a turtleneck goes well with these pants. You could always wear a sweater with these pants for those lazy days spent studying on campus, and complete the look with sneakers or boots.

There you have it! Five easy fall outfit ideas with pieces you likely already own from your summer wardrobe.