Top Vegan Eats in Waterloo

For those of you who follow a vegan lifestyle, finding vegan places to eat or restaurants that have a vegan menu can be difficult considering the limited options in Waterloo. However, I’ve compiled a list of places in the city where you can find vegan eats, along with suggestions for items/dishes that you should try!

1. Copper Branch

Located uptown, this eatery serves 100% plant-based food and incorporates organic and non-GMO ingredients in its menu items. One of my favourite places, this gem is considered by many to be the best spot in the city to grab vegan food, given the quality and wide range of options. Menu items include power bowls, burgers, salads and a variety of smoothies and desserts to choose from. My personal favourite thing to order would be the power bowls; they’re super filling and include a lot of yummy veggies and proteins.

2. East African Café ​

A bit further from campus, located in uptown Kitchener, this restaurant specializes in authentic East African food with a vegan twist. If you are interested in trying Ethiopian food and looking for vegan options, this is a restaurant you should definitely consider visiting. Renowned for serving flavourful and fiery dishes, menu offerings are served with injera, a type of East African flatbread that you can use to wrap your veggies in. There’s a small menu but it’s sufficient enough for the foodie looking to explore more ethnic cuisines.

3. Café Pyrus

Also located in uptown Kitchener, this coffee shop is a great spot to grab a quick vegan snack or light meal for lunch. The menu includes an array of sandwiches and salads that are served with Daiya, an alternative for cheese that contains no animal products, soy or lactose. The shop also serves a selection of fresh baked goods such as muffins, cupcakes, scones and cookies; all vegan and with some gluten-free options as well.

4. Freshii

A staple for getting a quick and healthy lunch near campus, the Freshii located on King Street near the school serves a variety of both vegan and vegetarian foods. Personally, my favourite thing to order is a wrap; they have a variety of filling wraps that you can take with you on the go. There are menu items that include dairy and eggs, but they can easily be taken off the order or substituted. Freshii also specializes in an assortment of smoothies and juices; perfect drinks to take with you to a class or a long day studying on campus.

5. Goodvibes Juice Co.

As someone who loves cold-pressed juice, this place is a lifesaver for those days where I’m craving a green juice or kombucha. Located in uptown Kitchener, Goodvibes sells a variety of cold-pressed juices, mylks (plant-based milk), smoothies and energy shots. Additionally, they sell smoothie bowls served with heaps of fresh fruit, granola and other toppings. A favourite of mine is the Gardener, a green juice consisting of only vegetables such as kale, cucumber and celery. For those who like more fruit-based juices, the Sunkiss juice consists of pineapple, orange and yellow pepper which I would recommend if you like a spicy kick.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this list for vegan eats in the city. Even if you are not vegan, the spots mentioned above serve some delicious and healthy options if you are in the mood for plant-based food!