Top 7 American Apparel Must Haves

The Canadian stores are closing – time to shop!

As 2017 commences and Kylie Jenner reveals that we still need to be realising things, we reflect on what is new with our lives, but also what is coming to an end: American Apparel in Canada.  After 19 years of vibrant fabrics and colours displayed, perfectly edged on wooden hangers, we now say goodbye to the acclaimed brand and lifestyle that has influenced fashion.  In honour of the brand, we are going through the top 7 staple items from AA that one must have in their closet (which you can still purchase through the American website!)

1. Bodysuits

Body Suits are very comfortable and always practical depending on the certain aesthetic one is willing to achieve. From lecture to the bar, the possibilities are endless with these bad boys.

2. Unisex High Waist Denim Jean

These jeans are absolutely a must-have in your wardrobe. Take your pick of top-grade denim in every wash, and suitable for males and females to wear. Having these jeans is only an asset to your aesthetic.

3. Unisex Fisherman Pullover

May we now present to you the fisherman pullover! Boys and girls and anything in between from across the land and seas rant and rave about these sweaters.  With the detailed knit and quality materials, these sweaters will last you a lifetime. To jazz it up you can easily throw a button up blouse or an oxford top to present it as business casual. Or, if you’re just lounging around the house you can throw on a pear of leggings or sweat pants.

4. Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Up Hoodie

Have no fear the hoodies are here! Theese hoodies are not only made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton fleece, but they are most importantly made with love. These hoodies will be there for you whether you’re running late to class, shivering at work, or picking up Ben and Jerry’s before heading to your homegirl’s house. The quality alone will last you through wear-and-tear and many of your adventures while still feeling comfortable.

5. Unisex Interlock Running Short

We like short shorts and so will you after snagging these! The interlock running short is not only good for physical activity but for the everyday lounge wear. Whether you got home from the school racetrack after that hard cardio workout, or you were just getting some housework done, with these shorts the sky is the limit.

6. Unisex Lightweight Dylan Trench

Let us drench you in trench! New to the family, we bring you the Lightweight Dylan Trench. This piece is regal and majestic and will make you leave a statement everywhere you go. This one-of-a-kind trench made with modal and polyester faux silk construction keeps the garment light and effortless to help achieve any look. This can be worn to any meeting, lecture, or even that make-it-or-break-it presentation.

7. Unisex Denim Jacket

Last but not least, the Denim Jacket.  With the inspired Californian vibes through light to black wash, this jacket will not let you down. With the 100% genuine denim quality, they leave you an opportunity to customize and make it your own just as the pant.  Whether you distress, bleach, embroider, or stamp it, this coat always has your back through thick and thin.

Through out the years American Apparel has strived to deliver the best clothes to serve the people. Their goal was to make us use our imaginations and make basic items into staples. They have challenged the fashion demographic with their selections and integrity. Remember to think about where your clothes come from and wear them with pride.  With American Apparel going out of business in Canada, styles are flying off the racks so shop till you drop, stay smart, and stay fashionable, my collegiettes! HCXO