Top 3 Awkward Shawn & Camila Moments

Do I believe it’s a fake relationship for publicity? Yes. However, I don’t really know (neither does anyone except for them and their management). Someone needs to spill the tea, honestly.

Hopefully this list will provide you with some laughs if you (like me) are skeptical of this relationship. However, if you like these two, hopefully this list will give you a few ‘aww’ moments or some couple goals inspiration, if that’s your thing.

THE Kiss

I am SO sorry for making you look at this gif.

EVERYONE knew about this incredibly awkward moment when it dropped online. Why did they do it? We’ll never really know. However, it doesn’t exactly prove that they’re an actual couple. No one wants to watch you smashing your faces together in some form of a kiss, guys. No thanks.

Awards Performance of Señorita

Please tell me I wasn’t the only person feeling uncomfortable during this performance. Yes, Señorita was an incredibly popular song this year, so they performed it together. However, seeing them THIS close onstage felt a bit awkward, paired with how they’re both using the microphone.

Yet ANOTHER Awards Show Performance

I know, I know. Another awards show moment. However, this gif is just SO awkward. It looks like Camila is about to take Shawn’s hand so that they can walk on stage together, but he appears to brush her off and move on without her before remembering that she’s there and turning back. I don’t know about you, but this looks incredibly uncomfortable for both parties. Based on the expressions on their faces, it’s easy to see that neither of them are into it.

Well, there are the top three most awkward Shawn and Camila moments (in my opinion). Maybe their relationship was based on promoting Señorita, maybe it wasn’t. We may never know. However, after seeing different relationships and how they function, I personally believe that it is promotion based for both of their music. Maybe they’re not a couple that’s super heavy on the PDA from day to day, but from the awkward and stilted way they interact together, I believe there is some sort of influence from management on their relationship.

What do you think? After seeing this list, did your opinions change? Or am I completely crazy?

I’m interested to see how this relationship will play out, and if we’ll ever know the truth behind it. Or, if it will end with them getting married and me looking incredibly silly! Only time will tell.