Tips to Make the Holiday Season More Sustainable

Looking to make your holidays more sustainable without compromising on tradition? Well, you have come to the right place! 

December is a month full of joy, gifts, decorations and family traditions; however, many of these joys come with less-than-ideal environmental considerations. The following is a list of tips and tricks you can use to make your holiday a little more sustainable without compromising the traditions you know and love. 

Tip 1: Buy Recyclable Gift Wrapping Paper

Did you know the average roll of gift-wrapping paper you buy from the dollar store is not recyclable? Seems counter-intuitive considering it is paper, however, it is nonetheless true. 

The good thing is that recyclable wrapping paper is readily available online and in some stores. Just make sure you look at the fine print before making a purchase! Alternatively, you can wrap your gifts in newspaper if you have extras lying around!

Also, ensure that your wrapping paper actually ends up in your recycling bin and NOT the garbage once your gifts are unwrapped. Often, the excitement of the holidays makes people forget to separate recycling from other forms of packaging. 

Tip 2: Use LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas/holiday lights are affordable and readily available both online and in stores. In fact, there is a good chance you may already have some. However, suppose you or your family has been using the same set of lights for decades. In that case, it may be worth replacing them with updated LEDs. 

LEDs use significantly less energy and last longer. Meaning, they help save money on your energy bill and are much better for the planet!

Tip 3: Shop Local

It is especially important this year to remember to shop local. You will not only be helping save the planet by generating fewer emissions from shipping and packaging, but you will also be helping your local community. Many small businesses are struggling in 2020 because of COVID lockdown restrictions; making a small purchase can help a business continue to thrive through the off-season months!

Tip 4: WWF Stuffed Animals

Looking for a unique gift idea? Adopt an endangered animal for a friend or family member with WWF. In exchange for the adoption, you will receive a stuffed animal of the species you donated too! This is especially great for kids looking to make a difference but who may be unwilling to compromise on receiving a material gift for themselves. 

You can do tons of things to help make a difference, but here are just a few to start. Remember, compromise is not necessary during the holidays. However, if everyone starts to make small changes, society can make a collective difference!