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Tips To Consider When Packing For Your Next Trip

School is finally out for summer! With that comes a well deserved four months of summer vacation. A lot of people take this time to travel, and with travelling comes the stress and hassle of packing. What should I bring? What should I wear? Is this too much? So much stuff, so little space. Check out these packing tips to consider next time you pack for vacay! 


Bathroom Electronics

Before leaving on your trip, make sure you check if your hotel supplies customers with their own hair dryers. Most hotels do, but it’s good to check. This saves you the hassle of bringing your own. If you still need to bring a hot tool such as a curling iron or flat iron, and you are going to a different country, keep in mind you may need a voltage converter. You do not want to have to purchase hair tools abroad!



Save space and bring only what you absolutely need on your trip. Vacation is not the time to try out those products that have been sitting in the back of your makeup drawer for months. Some key makeup products that you can’t go wrong with are a lipstick, concealer, mascara, and powder. Less is more! 



Instead of bringing both casual dresses and fancy dresses, bring one of your favorite simple black dresses that can be worn both ways! Bring some accessories that can turn your simple black dress from a casual day look to a fancy night look. This saves time and space! 



Although you want to look your best on vacation, you need to be realistic when packing. You’re going to be walking around a lot, so you need to be comfortable. Flats, sandals, and tennis shoes are great options for vacation and pretty much go with anything. Feel free to pack a pair of heels as well for some fancier events on your vacation, but try and stick with just one pair that can be worn with a variety of different outfits.



It may seem like you need to bring every face lotion, body butter, shampoo, and perfume you have ever purchased, but that is really not necessary. Most hotels supply shampoo, conditioner, soaps, body gel, body lotion, and sometimes face wash. Stick to bringing only your absolute favorite products that you can’t go without, but don’t forget to make sure they are travel size! 


Congratulations for making it through another year, Golden Hawks! Enjoy your summer, and your vacation if there is one in your future. Make sure you take advantage of the beautiful weather and time off; it slips away much too quickly! See you back in September. 


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