Tips for Acing a Multiple-Choice Exam

Exam season can be quite overwhelming. The pressure of doing your best on something that accounts for a large portion of your mark can really stress you out. Especially if you suck at multiple-choice exams like I do. I’m definitely not one of those people who can just pick an answer randomly and get it right. Luckily, there are some tricks out there that can really boost your ability to perform well on multiple-choice exams.

1. Cover up the answers while reading the question

Looking at the answers beforehand can really psych you out. If you cover your answers while reading the question and formulate your own answer first, you can then see if it matches an answer provided.

2. Try to study a few days before, not just all in one night

Studies show that you are more likely to retain information if you study periodically than if you try to cram all the information into your brain in one sitting. You are also able to better retain information you’ve studied in multiple places, so try to study in different locations, like the 2-4 lounge, near a Starbucks or in a random classroom.

3. Eliminate answers

If you have no idea which one is correct, cross out the one that makes the least sense and go from there.

4. Manage your time

Most multiple-choice exams will give you roughly one minute to finish each question. If I have no idea what the answer is, I mark the question and come back to it. That way, I am left with more time to look over my other questions.

5. Choose the longest answer

If all else fails, choose the longest option. Typically, this answer will be the correct one since it contains the most information.  

Best of luck on your exams Golden Hawks, and remember, when in doubt choose C!