Thoughts You Have While Getting Your First Tattoo

Ah, your first tattoo. What a cornucopia of mixed emotions. It’s normal to be nervous… Or even a little terrified, as you’re marking your body permanently! You’re scared about the pain, and the thought of letting someone repeatedly poke you with a needle is making you a little woozy. What if you sneeze and the artist messes up?! As long as you focus on the fact that you’re about to get something really cool/ meaningful that you’ve wanted on your body, you’ll be able to get through the experience. These are some thoughts you have when you get your first tattoo. 

First, you’re really excited.


Then, you fill out the paperwork and start getting a little nervous.

You get to the tattoo station, and start to get a little more nervous…

Then you see the needle.

Your tattoo artist asks if you’re ready.

The tattoo gun is getting closer…

Then you feel the pain.


You realize it’s not that bad!



You can do this!

You’re handling it like a champ!

It’s not pleasant, but not unbearable.

Kind of like a cat scratch?


Over and over…


Ok, now it’s getting a little painful…


But your friend/ tattoo artist is cheering you on.

You’re getting antsy to see it.


The tattoo is done! You survived the pain!


You’re a little nervous to see it…


But so ready.



The reveal…

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted!

Your adrenaline is spiked. You’re high on life!


You can’t stop staring at it.


And before you’ve even left the shop, you’re already planning your next one.