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Things You Witness When You Work at a Bar

Going out to the bar is always fun, and it’s a popular pastime for many university students. Being on the other side of the bar and serving can be just as fun when you get to witness the following:

1. The awkward pickup lines

These can be painful to hear sometimes, but never fall short of being entertaining.

2. The guys that don’t even need a pickup line

I don’t know how, but I’ve seen two people make eye contact from across the bar and attract like magnets.

3. The one with the killer/awful dance moves

This person doesn’t have a care in the world that they may look like an idiot. The bar staff thanks you for the comic relief.

4. The clumsy one

Bar wipeouts are like a bad accident that you can’t help but find entertaining.

5. The girl who pretends to take the shot someone buys for her

It’s hard to say no to free drinks, but dumping the shot over your shoulder isn’t as sly as you think it is.

6. The sleeper

There’s always that one person who somehow finds it possible to sleep in the middle of a raging bar.

7. The make-out queen

This person is a serial kisser. In an average night, you see them with about 4 different people.8. The emotional one

There’s always that one person who decides to pour their feelings out after a few drinks and doesn’t seem to care that their conversation is open to the public.

9. The loud one

This one is pretty simple: the more alcohol they have, the louder the person becomes.

10. The tough guy

This is the guy you see starting fights with his ex’s ex’s ex. Move on dude.

11. The one who refuses to leave

When the bar closed 15 minutes ago and there’s still that one person who refuses to leave because they’re a “paying customer”.

In the end, all of these things make servers/bartenders thankful they’re on the working side of the bar and not making a fool of themselves. But a night wouldn’t be complete without the entertaining customers.

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Lauren Burnside

Wilfrid Laurier

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