Amelia Kramer-Girl With Glasses Close Up Sipping Latte Coffee Shop

Things You’ve Definitely Experienced if You Wear Glasses

Wearing glasses is both a blessing (it allows you to actually see the world around you) and a curse (literally everything else that comes with wearing glasses). So take a deep breath, clean your glasses with the corner of your shirt even though it’s apparently bad for them and let’s dive in.

Here are some things you’ll definitely be able to relate to and will probably make you angry about wearing glasses:

Your nose getting sweaty from the little nub things

This is the absolute worst in the summer! Your nose starts to sweat, your glasses slide and then you put your hands under your frames to wipe the sweat off your nose and now there’s a smudge, god d*$&#%! Wow, I did not expect to be this angry this early in the article.

Having nothing that properly cleans your glasses

I went to a high school with a uniform and I used to make sure to only wear shirts under my uniform sweaters that were able to clean my glasses. There’s nothing worse than wearing a really nice knit top and then getting a big-ass smudge on your glasses and not being able to wipe it off because you know this shirt is only going to make it worse. I guess I’ll just walk around with a massive and distracting blurry spot in my line of vision all day, because that’s fun.

Coming in from the rain and not being able to see a thing

Everything is blurry and wet, and you can clean off one lens with your shirt but then there’s a big wet spot and now you can’t clean off the other one. And then once you do clean the other one it’s all streaky and stuff, and you can’t clean them again ‘cause now your shirt is just unreasonably soaked and there isn’t a dry spot you can use.

Coming in from the cold and not being able to see a thing

You look like such an idiot when your glasses are all fogged up and for some reason it takes forever for them to un-fog? Plus, your eyelashes might windshield-wipe part of the lens but that just makes it worse somehow. Not a good time. Super annoying.

Getting scratches right in your line of sight and not being able to un-see them

As soon as you notice that there’s a scratch in your line of sight it becomes the only thing you can see at all times, like a great big smudge that you can’t wipe away and just chips away at your sanity until finally, you lose your mind and throw your glasses at the wall. I do not recommend this tactic. It will scratch your lenses even more.

Having people ask to try on your glasses

And then saying “oh my god you’re so blind” or “oh wow I can see through these!” Good for you, Jan. Give me my glasses back. And then when you ask for them back you always use the excuse that they’ll get a headache if they wear your glasses for too long because otherwise they’ll try to keep them? What the hell dude? I literally need those to function, give them back.

Seeing people wearing fake glasses and wanting to rip their head off

This makes me so angry. There are some people who have frames with fake lenses that they wear as accessories for certain outfits, and while most of these people are very nice and kind, I want to kill them. Do you think I want to wear these? Do you think I choose to deal with smudges and scratches and foggy lenses and a sweaty nose? Yes, glasses can be really cute, but they’re not a fashion accessory. They’re something I need to put on every morning or I’ll walk into the corner of my desk.

Going glasses shopping and finding nothing that fits your face right

On the topic of glasses being an accessory, since we have to wear them it’s nice when we can find a pair that’s comfortable and also cute. But it’s so hard to find good frames? Where are the really cute frames that fit my face perfectly and don’t cost an arm and a leg? Or, even worse, you find an awesome frame but your lenses are too strong and now your face is all distorted and stuff. I just… I can’t guys. I just want to be able to see.

That’s all for this article. I am officially triggered and my glasses are fogging up with rage, so I’m gonna cut myself off now, but I’m sure there are a thousand more glasses problems we can all relate to. Stay strong, remember that we’re all in this together and if you really need to rage out, don’t break your glasses, they’re too expensive. Break your friend’s stupid fake glasses instead.