Things Only Upper-Year Laurier Students Remember

There have been a lot of changes around Laurier over the past couple of years, and those of us who have been around for a while will definitely remember them as unique parts of our student culture. Since many of us are graduating this year, I thought it would be a fun idea to take a trip down memory lane and compile a list of places that you’d only likely remember if you’re a Laurier student in the upper-years.

Night School / The Drink Uptown

Located in Uptown Waterloo, Night School was a popular student nightclub that was known for its cheap drinks, good music and friendly atmosphere. Many were saddened that it closed abruptly this summer but fortunately, the space transformed into what is now known as The Drink Uptown, a more upscale nightclub with bottle-service and themed events. As mentioned by some die-hard fans (i.e. my roommate), “Night School walked so that The Drink Uptown could run.”

The Old Business Building (Schlegel)

Located on the eastern side of Laurier’s campus, the Schlegel building is known as a hub for Political Science, Communications Studies and some Business courses. But before they finished construction of Lazaridis Hall in 2016, Schlegel was the centre for Laurier’s School of Business and Economics. Many upper-year students would remember the iconic “Leaders of Tomorrow” wall which was the infamous spot for first-year business students to take pictures after they completed their New Venture project. The wall was intact until 2017-2018, leaving behind a legacy of student pride and school spirit.

The Old Phil’s Sign

The most iconic nightclub in Waterloo and an essential in Laurier student culture, Phil’s Grandson’s Place is known for its cheap drinks and cover and, to this day, is one of the most popular student nightclubs in the city. With one of the most recognizable logos, Phil’s had a large outdoor sign that clubgoers were greeted with at the front of the building. It was noted to be in extremely rough condition, a testament to the 30 years that the nightclub has been operating. It was finally replaced in the summer of 2019, but the old sign will always be remembered by veteran students.

The Peters Building Before Renovations

Located next to the Schlegel building, the Peters Building completed its renovations in 2018-2019, boasting new classrooms, study lounges and eye-catching interior design. Before the renovations, the building had sparkly floors and old outdated classrooms that were often not in operation (it was also a nightmare to navigate). For around a year, the building was closed off from students. After renovations, many new additions were made including a fair-trade café called Franks, as well as the relocation of Service Laurier and the Welcome Centre to this building.

We hope that you guys enjoyed this article about previous Laurier spots and spaces that were frequented by many upper-year students!