Things To Do When You’ve Been Ghosted (Other Than Think About Being Ghosted)

Ahhh new feelings- new people, new interests, new potential. Things were going so well. You were talking every day, seeing each other sometimes, and things were just starting to pick up. You were beginning to think that this might actually turn into something. You liked each other, you were starting to open up-

but then you didn’t get a text back. You waited a couple days, and eventually figured out you weren’t getting one.

So, it wasn’t going that well? Could have fooled you. And you’ve come to the realization- you’ve been ghosted.

But don’t freak out. There are so many things you can do now that you’ve got that off your back- give it a day or two, bounce back, and try something new.   

Take a social media cleanse

We both know you want to check in on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, MySpace, Formspring (what even is that), and any other form of social media they’ve had since they were fourteen. Rather than bothering yourself with having to see their name in your search bar, how about stepping away from the ‘Gram for a few days? After all, we both know they sure as hell aren’t creeping you.

Hang out with your friends

Duhhhhh- you should be hanging out with your friends regardless of if you’ve been ghosted or not. But you probably only think about this when you’re alone and have had time to do a little reflecting. This is not the time to be reflecting at all, since being ghosted is out of your control. So, make some plans, and fill your week with the things you’ve been meaning to do with your friends lately.

Clean out your closet

You’ve been meaning to for a while, and there’s a pile of sh*t in the corner you need to deal with anyways. Now’s the time to refresh, rehang, and get rid of the clothes you haven’t worn in two years. And while you’re at it, pick out some things you’ve been dying to wear, and find a reason to wear them.

Start a new Netflix series

What’s better than dedicating some time to a new series, or catching up on an old one. Whether you’ve been busy and fallen behind on your fav show, or are in the market to start a new one, you now have some more free time. You’re switching gears- hanging out with your friends, organizing your life a little, and getting into a new series, with no time to think about who you shouldn’t be thinking about.

And finally…

Remember your worth

One idiot who decided to cut you off has no impact on you as a person. It’s easy to get caught up when you’ve been disappointed, thinking it is somehow a reflection of you- always come to the conclusion that it’s not. Despite feeling as though things aren’t finished, because after all, you haven’t been given a reason for being cut off, it’s better to realize that you don’t need one (as much as you think you do). Kiss that thought goodbye- it’s time to move on.

And for those who’ve decided it’s best just to ghost someone lately: