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Disney is a vital part of most Millennials and Gen Z’s memory of youth. With villains ranging from an evil stepmother to a glamourous dog skinner, they have all been truly unforgettable. There have most definitely been some iconic and understandable villains as well as truly malicious and sinister ones, but they will always be a special reminder of a childhood full of imagination. Here are the six most impressive Disney villains. 

6 – Jafar  

With mind control and political influence as the King’s trusted advisor, this Aladdin villain is on a mission to become the most powerful individual in the realm. Jafar uses magic to manipulate those around him without a thought of the chaos or destruction he causes to others. He truly lacks empathy, and his snakehead staff and sinister build carry an aura of mistrust.  

5 – Maleficent  

Not only is this Sleeping Beauty villain a powerful sorceress, but she also transforms into a fire-breathing dragon. Maleficent’s evil nature stems from not being invited to a Christening and leads her to bitterly seek revenge by cursing an innocent princess. Her revenge story fuels the plot of the entire movie and her horns are truly frightful and iconic.  

4 – Queen of Hearts  

“Off with their heads!” is the perfect line to encompass the irrational personality of this Alice in Wonderland villain. The Queen of Hearts’ unhinged temper tantrums make absolutely no sense and threaten the heads of every subject in her reach. Her terrifying and unpredictable mood swings make an incredible film full of panic and fear.  

3 – Scar  

This devious uncle from The Lion King is in a league of his own with his obsession for power and jealousy of his brother, Mufasa and nephew, Simba. Scar is constantly overlooked for the position of leader of the kingdom and his bitterness and insecurity lead to his violent murder of his brother. Of all the villains Disney creates, he is by far the most deserving of death.   

2 – Ursula  

This self-made sea witch in the business of scamming folks with horrid contracts is the star of The Little Mermaid. Not only does she bewitch her victims during their most vulnerable times, but she also steals qualities that make a person unique. Her mission to steal a naïve mermaid’s voice is beyond wicked, yet downright entertaining.  

1 – Cruella De Vil 

This villain from 101 Dalmatians shows the lengths someone will go to for the perfect fur coat. After kidnapping an entire litter of dalmatians, Cruella is on a fashion mission to skin puppies to create a glamourous and soft coat. Of all the other villains on this list, she is incredibly greedy, especially ruthless and unbelievably malicious for wanting to harm puppies.  

From fear to laughter, each of these Disney villains created a long-lasting impact on a generation of individuals. Their complex personalities and incredible theme songs invoke an emotional response, that compels us to continuously rewatch these classics. 

Isha Pabla

Wilfrid Laurier '24

Writing has always been a passion of Isha's, and while pursuing a major in business and computer science, she finds it wonderful to be able to exercise her creativity and activism with Her Campus. Isha enjoys writing about social justice issues, community engagement and social wellness.