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A Thank You to My Favorite Sports Bras

Every girl knows that the key to a successful workout is a good sports bra.  Okay, actually there are a lot more things that add up to a successful work out, but a sports bra is definitely one of them. I owe a thank you to these three sports bras that have helped me through the most grueling workouts. But for real, when you don’t have to readjust your sports bra every five seconds, you feel better and workout longer! I highly recommend checking out these three sports bras that I will be mentioning.

THE ENERGY BRA by Lululemon

This Lululemon bra is beautiful, while still being supportive.  This bra is provides support while still being extremely comfy.  I can wear this bra all day, even if I am not going to the gym till after all my classes. The bra has an amazing crisscross detail on the back, which is perfect if you choose to wear the bra with a backless shirt.  Overall, this is my favorite bra of all time.

THE ANGEL MAX SPORT BRA by Victoria Secret

I grew up with the classic Victoria Secret sports bra.  Personally, I find all their bras extremely durable and strong, and best of all, they allow for an amazing workout. Although my favorite bra is no longer offered at VS, I believe this bra bears a close resemblance. The bra provides incredible support and also has amazing detailing on the back; however, I don’t think I would wear it all day long. To me, this is a strict gym time bra.



This sports bra is a go to, every day, running errands or going to the gym type of bra. Although this bra does not offer as much support as the VS or Lulu bras, it still provides enough support for you to go kill your work out. It has a more simple design, which is always nice, but the downside is that it only comes in one colour.  At least the colour is a neutral grey, which generally can go with everything.


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