Ten Inspiring Women in History

Who said girls can’t kick ass in a man’s world? Despite having only been given the right to vote about a hundred years ago, women have been making strides in history for thousands of years. If I were to talk about all the amazing women throughout history, this list would be massive — however, here are the first ten that come to mind!



Reigning as the Queen of Egypt during the first century BC, Cleopatra was a total badass. Not only was she a diplomatic genius, she was also famously known for having Julius Caesar as her lover. Talk about a power couple! She directly influenced Roman politics and made massive strides for future female rulers. 

Joan of Arc

She only saved France — no big deal or anything. Joan of Arc, at the age of 19, was burnt at the stake, after being accused of Heresy. Unbelievable, right? Prior to her tragic untimely death, she changed the outcome of the Hundred Years’ War, beating the English forces in Orleans. Her success on the battlefield saved France and she would go on to live in history as one of the most badass women to ever have lived. 

Princess Diana of Wales

Loving mother, philanthropist, Princess of Wales and a literal angel. Princess Diana can easily be recognized as being one of the most charitable members of the British Royal Family. She helped raise awareness for people living with HIV/AIDS, poverty, cancer and mental illness. Despite her untimely tragic death in 1997, her legacy lives on through her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. 

Amelia Earhart

Talk about breaking the glass ceiling! She was the first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean by herself. Her accomplishments helped champion for women to become involved in aviation. 

Rosa Parks

She refused to get up out of her seat at the front of the bus and helped change the course of the civil rights movement in America. Through her courageous act, she inspired many men, women and children to speak up against the injustices which African-Americans were facing during the time of segregation. 

Eleanor of Aquitaine

She took no shit from her husband and essentially ran England and parts of France for many years. Through careful political influence, Eleanor would help both her husband and her sons during their time as King of England. She also helped influence Medieval themes such as courtly love and chivalry. She was totally ahead of her time.

Queen Elizabeth II

Speaking of Queens, how can we forget the Queen herself? Being the longest reigning British monarch in history, Queen Elizabeth II has helped change how women are represented in recent history. Not only is she the head of state for dozens of nations, but she has also met with countless leaders around the world and has influential power on a global scale. If you have a chance, watch The Crown on Netflix, which follows the story of the Queen’s reign! 

Benazir Bhutto

She became the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan, dramatically changing the course of women’s rights in the nation. She also was the first female head of government in a Muslim-majority nation. Her untimely tragic assignation in 2007 opened the conversation on women’s rights in Pakistan and the ability of women to rise to high-ranking positions in government. She is a total inspiration. 

Hellen Keller

Holy talent, Batman! Not only was she blind and deaf, but she was also able to learn how to read and communicate orally. She was an author, political activist and the first blind-deaf individual to earn a bachelor’s degree. Hellen, you were a total badass. 

Mother Teresa 

How can we forget a literal saint? She was an Albanian-Indian catholic nun, who has gone down in history as being one of the most pious women to ever live. Her charitable work consisted of helping people who were suffering from diseases such as HIV/AIDS and leprosy, as well as opening charitable programs such as schools, orphanages, clinics and soup kitchens. She helped thousands of people during her lifetime. She was officially canonized as a saint in 2016 — and that status is well deserved!