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Struggles of Girls with Full Closets but Nothing to Wear

As an indecisive girl with a full closet, I’ve learned that these two things don’t always work together smoothly. Even though there are tons of options available, I find myself thinking “I have nothing to wear” almost daily. Over the years, I’ve come to understand the many catch 22s of simply having too many clothes. Since I can’t be the only person who struggles with this problem, I’ve compiled a list of the most notorious inconveniences so you can all feel that pain with me.

1. Your closet is so full you have a hard time actually finding what you’re looking for

Entering your closet looking for something specific is pretty much like looking for a needle in a haystack.

2. New clothes are the only things you wear…until the novelty wears off

Getting a new piece of clothing is similar to the feeling a child gets when they get a new toy: it f**king rocks. You love it, it’s perfect, and it’s all you want to wear for the next week…until you get bored of it.


3. There’s no room for new clothes

It’s already hard enough entering the crowded abyss that is your closet. Finding room for new clothes in there is not an easy task. It takes time, determination, clothing hangers, and some improvisation. Realistically, this should be a sign that you should probably stop buying, but if it was that easy to talk someone out of buying unnecessary clothing, you probably wouldn’t be in this situation.


4. It’s always tempting to buy new clothes

Despite the fact that you have tons of clothing already, you often feel like nothing in your closet is up to par. The solution to this problem? Buy more clothes, of course!

5. You try on basically everything in your closet before deciding on something

Anytime life requires you to put on clothes that aren’t PJs or sweatpants, it usually ends with frustration and clothing everywhere. There are at least 10 different articles of clothing that are tried on and taken off before you decide on what you’re going to wear.


6. All your friends like your clothes way more than you do

Whenever friends see your closet they comment on how cute everything is and ask to borrow things that you probably forgot you even owned. That top you bought 3 years ago and wore once? Yeah, they love it. Those jeans you’ve had since high school? They want to borrow those ASAP. Meanwhile, you sit there wondering what they see in them.


7. Laundry is your worst enemy

The benefit of having a huge closet is that you don’t have to do laundry as often as people with a more practical amount of clothing. The downside? When you finally run out of wearable clothing, laundry takes up your whole day, sometimes two. If Satan could manifest himself as a day, this would be it.



8. Packing to go anywhere is always a hassle

So much clothing but so little suitcase space. Packing for any outing, whether it’s for a night or a month, is way more complicated than it should be. Between bringing a variety of possible outfits and planning for unexpected wardrobe or weather malfunctions, you almost always end up over packing and using half of what you brought.



9. Cleaning out your closet never goes as planned

Sometimes the stress of having too many clothes becomes too much to deal with so the infamous closet clean out becomes a good idea. However, this is easier said than done. Even though you don’t wear half of your clothing more than once a year, there’s always that nagging ‘what if’ feeling in the back of your head that prevents you from getting rid of things. Your clothes are like you pets; you have a personal attachment to them.


Despite the trials and tribulations that come with being an indecisive lady with too many clothing options, most of us wouldn’t give up our overflowing closets without putting up a mean fight.


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