Starting a YouTube Channel

This past November, I was brave enough to start a YouTube channel, and here are 11 things you need to know about my experience:

1. I didn’t become famous. I have 10 subscribers and I’m going strong.

2. My confidence went up 100%!

3. I posted a video with no makeup on, and now I feel unstoppable.

4. Filming videos with my friends is so fun, and it gives us something to do when we are bored.

5. It turns out I love editing, and now editing my videos is one of my favorite hobbies.

6. New doors have opened. You never know, tomorrow I could be YouTube famous!

7. My videos are parent friendly, so my parents can watch them and not miss me so much while I’m off at school.

8. I am more creative now, as I am always trying to think of new video ideas, and I’m not just on Netflix 24/7.

9. Filming has helped with my anxiety, as I am so busy filming, I forget about my surroundings!

10. I have realized how truly amazing my friends and family are, as they supporting me with this.

11. I get to look back at old videos and remember all the fun times I had!