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As a woman in my twenties, I am currently juggling school and social life, and somewhere in the mix of these two things, I am trying and searching for a higher purpose. I’m trying to understand when people say, ‘twenties are the best time of your life.’ Yet, I am searching and looking for those amazing and spontaneous opportunities that are going to make my twenties. Although this feeling still sometimes lingers in the back of my mind when I am in class, out with friends or even with my family. I realized I needed to stop focusing on this singular idea of finding a purpose or searching for whatever my mind feels it needs.

People talk about living a romantic lifestyle; many even argue that by being romantic and setting these grand expectations of life that you are setting yourself up to receive disappointment and dissatisfaction. However, it is important to start romanticizing your life even if disappointment follows at some times because we need to normalize that not everything can be perfect. You need to feel these emotions of disappointment or even failure in your life because lets be real, that’s life. We’re supposed to feel all the different emotions that our body creates.

Romanticizing your life is appreciating trivial things, finding light and love in those everyday routines that we become so accustomed to as we continue to repeat the same tasks every day. Beginning to romanticize the little things in life and find good things that happen throughout your day- no matter how small it is. Like I said earlier, we want to feel all these different emotions. We need to start appreciating getting caught in the rain, sure we get soaked but appreciate the thrill and rush of nature’s beauty.

There are so numerous ways to start romanticizing your life. Let’s start with a small example, such as having your coffee and watching the sunrise. Something like that can begin to become appreciated in your everyday routine since you’re actively seeking things that make you happy or lift your mood. When romanticizing your life, you’re given the option to do it at any moment; you just need to start looking through eyes of appreciation.

We should start romanticizing our lives because we want to feel happy or have our moods lifted by things that we enjoy. Why do we want to sit and worry about tomorrow? Or worry about what will happen in a month from now? We need to start giving our full attention to what is happening now, what is taking place this very second. These are the memories that we are going to want to remember, not the memories of us stressing about things that won’t matter in five years from now. 

I encourage everyone to start looking at the little things in life and start appreciating them, no matter how big or small. After this is carved into your routine, you will start to feel your mood and feelings changed; you will no longer spend all that free time worrying about what is going to happen next but instead wonder what the next beautiful thing you’ll see.

Ashley Ethier

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Ashley is a third year double major in Sociology and English at Wilfrid Laurier University. In her spare time she enjoys reading, walking her dogs and enjoying the simpler things in life.
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