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With COVID-19 impacting Canadian small businesses over the past year, it has been a real pleasure to see Her Campus Laurier promoting small businesses on our social media accounts and pushing our readership to shop local. When I heard that we were going to be promoting small businesses this week, I knew right away who I wanted to talk about.

I got to sit down with Cassandra Spracklin today, founder of Curated by Cass, a business that sells new and gently used clothes through Instagram. I knew I wanted to speak with her because I love the products she sells, the reasonable prices and the aesthetic of her Instagram page. I’ll let Cassandra tell you about Curated by Cass herself.

Could you describe your business in a few sentences?

Cass: I would describe Curated by Cass as a place for people to find used and brand new clothing for reasonable prices. I also sell clothing of mine that I don’t get enough wear out of but are still in good quality. Each of the pieces I sell has some love in them to enter other peoples’ closets.

What made you decide to start Curated by Cass?

Cass: My roommate and I share a Depop account, but the issue was that even though I could reach people with the app, not a lot of people have it. I wanted to put my clothing on a more accessible platform, and a lot more people have Instagram than Depop, so I figured, why not? On Instagram, I could make my feed aesthetically pleasing, and I could reach a larger group of people.

It also comes from the amount of clothes I have and my addiction to shopping and thrifting in general. Since I already have a bit of experience selling clothing through Depop, I know how to sell, how to ship orders, etc. I thought it would be cool to be able to sell my clothes anywhere in Canada, which is how Curated by Cass got started.

How can we support your business?

Cass: I don’t like to tell people they have to buy from me, but supporting the business through sharing, following and liking is great! Sharing to a small number of people helps me gain followers and sell some of my products. Roommates have a lot of like-minded styles, so if you share with your housemates it makes a world of a difference.

To buy, browse on the page and comment “sold” on any posts you like. When I see the comment I will DM you; I reply as quickly as I can, and prices vary. I’m open to reducing prices if you’re interested in buying multiple products or if you’re a returning customer. If you want to ship to your house I will ask for your shipping address, and I provide free delivery in the KW region for no extra charge.

Why should we shop with you instead of thrifting?

Cass: Right now people aren’t comfortable going out and shopping with COVID. Coming to me can be a comfort thing since the clothes are washed and packaged and I offer contactless pick-up, so it really reduces contact and COVID risks.

It also saves time: anyone who thrifts knows there are good days and bad days for thrifting. Some days you leave with nothing, and other days you spend more money than you probably should. A lot of people are working full time, have co-op and are in classes, and some people will message me asking for me to keep an eye out for certain pieces, so my business helps save you time as well since I can do the shopping for you, and you can focus on work.

Do you have anything else to tell Her Campus readers about your business?

Cass: Just in terms of stuff I have on my page, my products are gender neutral and I offer sizes from XS to XL, so a lot of my clothes can be worn by anyone. Don’t feel limited when you’re on my page, I try to shop for anyone and everyone. There should always be something for everyone on my page, and if you can’t find something for you, I take suggestions. I actually prefer it, it gives me guidance so I can find my customers products they will like.

If you’re interested in checking out Curated by Cass, follow Cassandra on Instagram @curated.by.cass to see what’s currently available!  

Meghan Mazzaferro

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Meghan is an English and Film Studies major who has dreamed of being a writer all her life. When she's not writing essays and watching films for class, she loves to read YA novels and rewatch her favourite TV shows for the 100th time. Proud plant mama of 24 green beauties, and willing to adopt all the dogs.
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