Sleepwear Essentials to Keep You Warm This Winter

The snow has definitely made itself at home here in Waterloo, so it’s time to start preparing! It’s not always easy to stay warm and still look fashionable at the same time - but with these cozy essentials, you’re sure to accomplish both.

Cozy Flannels

                       (Victoria Secret - The Sleepover Knit Pajama)

These pajamas from Victoria Secret are pure perfection. They are super warm, soft, and fashionable. You can wear these around the house and still look completely put together. These will last you not only through the winter season, but all year round because they are so durable.

Oversized Sleep Tees

 (Forever 21 - Cuddling Graphic Nightdress)

These oversized sleep tees are perfect for those who like feeling more free when they sleep. You can get these oversized sleeping tees pretty much anywhere, in any color or pattern. These are extremely comfortable to sleep in. Add a pair of cute knee high socks to keep your feet warm, and you’ll be all set!  


Knee High Socks

(VS Pink - Knee Socks Set)

These festive socks are perfect to wear with the oversized tees mentioned above. These will keep your feet warm all through the winter season. You can wear these around the house, over leggings, or just to keep your feet warm in boots. These are completely versatile and will come in handy all year round.


Soft Furry Slippers

(Walmart - ISOspa Ladies Slippers)

Slippers are a must for any time of the year, but definitely for winter. The last thing you want when you get out of bed in the morning is to have freezing feet. There are a billion different slippers to choose from out there, so find a style that you like best!


Thick Lined Robe

(Aerie - Sherpa Robe)

This robe from Aerie is one of my personal favorites for the winter season. It is fully lined in the softest faux fur you could ever imagine. Basically, it’s like being wrapped in a cloud of wonderfulness! Can you tell I love this robe? ANYHOO, this robe is great on its own, but will also look adorable thrown over some flannels or an oversized tee to add some extra warmth.

These are just a few of my personal go-tos for the winter season. All of these items come in a thousand different colors, patterns, and styles, so make sure you look around to find the perfect match for you! Stay warm Golden Hawks, and HELLO CHRISTMAS SEASON! (FYI, there are only 34 days left until Christmas - YAY!)