Sky High: We Were Robbed

Y’all already know what I’m about to say.

So, Sky High is almost a perfect movie. Almost. It’s got everything: a school of superteens, early 2000s music, cringy parents, hilarious training montages, betrayal, plot twists and a room full of babies. What more could we ask for?

Well, we could ask for Warren and Layla to get together, that’s what!

Seriously, I’m so mad. This movie is so close to being absolutely flawless, but I can’t overlook the travesty of Layla ending up with Will! The boy is a child, and Warren… ooh, Warren is a bad boy. Layla, always go for the bad boy!

Okay, for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, first of all, thanks for giving this article a read and making it this far with no context! But, like, why are you reading this if you don’t know the plot of the movie?

Anyways, the premise of the film is that there is a school for teens with superpowers, where the next generation of heroes will be trained. At that school, you are either classified as a hero or a sidekick based on your power. At first, Will, the film’s main character, is sorted as a sidekick, but after discovering his powers while in a fight with his arch enemy, Warren, Will is moved to the hero class.

Typical high school shenanigans ensue; Will gets in with the popular kids, starts neglecting his friends and stands up the sweet best friend who's been in love with him since birth. Layla, the aforementioned best friend, runs into arch-enemy Warren at the restaurant, and he shows her, in a shocking show of sensitivity, that he knows she’s in love with Will. He gives her some surprisingly helpful advice and gives Layla the courage to make her move.

(It’s surprisingly soft, and Layla learns that Warren isn’t just a fire-happy villain-in-training. He’s a person, he sees her, he gives advice. He’s kind of cute, maybe?)

But Will is in love with someone else, and Layla comes up with the brilliant plan to lie and say that she and Warren are going to Homecoming together, much to Will’s shock.

Layla begs Warren to play along, to which he responds, “So, you’re not doing this because you actually like me or anything, you’re just doing this to get to Stronghold?” When Layla nods, he smiles, sexily. “I’m in.”

(Do you see where I’m going with this? Fake dating. Enemies to lovers. Angry fire boi and soft plant gurl. The fanfic writes itself!)

After this, we get an amazing montage in which Will does some shit no one cares about, and Warren gets unwillingly sucked into Layla’s friend group. Before you know it, all the sidekicks are sitting with him and treating him like a peer, while he glowers in the corner. But we know he kind of likes having a friend group, though of course, he can’t show it. He warns Layla that he’ll take her to Homecoming, but he won’t rent a tux.

(Guess what. He rents a tux.)

So then it’s Homecoming. Warren looks at Layla and says she looks good. Layla babbles that he does, too, and he’s wearing a tux but don’t worry it’s his dad’s, he didn’t rent it.

(He got a tux! He cares! He’s soft and says she’s pretty and he dressed up for her!)

When shit hits the fan, the group splits up to face individual enemies and Warren works together with some of the sidekicks because they’re friends and he’s one of them now! Warren and Layla find their way back to each other when Will and the big baddie are about to throw down. When the baddie attacks Will, sparks flying, Warren throws himself in front of Layla to protect her.

Then Layla and Will get together and the film pairs Warren off with some random ice lady.

I just, I can’t. How did this pairing not happen? It makes so much sense! It’s literally the perfect romance! There’s tension, it’s not supposed to happen, they bring out the best in each other. It’s literally the perfect set up for a romance and the film just threw it away!

*deep breath*

Anyways, we were robbed. Thank you for reading my rant, I’m sure you can see that I’m right. Bye!