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The Six Stages of Writing an Essay

We’ve all been there — the dreaded 11:59 deadline. You know that it’s your own fault for forgetting the paper is due, however, there’s still time! There are many moods that one can feel during the essay writing process and despite hearing that writing papers “get better” as your time as an undergrad goes on, does it really?

1. Optimism

There is a time, typically a solid day or two prior to the deadline itself, when you may actually feel optimistic about the paper. But then, reality hits you like a ten-tonne truck.

2. Anger

Nothing fuels rage like not being able to find the perfect source. You start feeling angry at yourself for picking such a stupid topic and start debating whether or not fully changing the topic of your paper could be possible.

3. Pain

Do I need to say more? Bursting into tears at least once during the essay writing process is totally normal. You might even scream spontaneously, but try to keep it together.

4. Denial

Telling yourself that you are going to get the paper in on time when really, you damn well know that it won’t happen. 
5. Bargaining

You turn to your friends and ask whether or not they would like to write the paper for you or hit you with their car. Both of those suggestions will be in vain and you will be back to the drawing board.

6. Acceptance

You realize that this paper has to be written and that it won’t be as bad as you think. You’ve got this!​
Good luck writing! 

Jovanka, better known as Joja, is a fourth-year History & Medieval/Medievalism Studies Student at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her passions include both Canadian & Balkan politics/history, education, and extra-curricular activities on campus. She is also an avid Medievalist and most likely will spend too much of your time talking about it. Despite standing at solid five-foot-two inches tall, she's actually pretty easy to spot! Most likely you will find her in the library, or socializing with fellow classmates on campus!
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