Simple Ways to Give Back

Giving back doesn’t have to cost a lot and it doesn’t have to be super complicated. There are many easy ways to give back that can benefit our community. Check out these four simple ways to give back, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

Recycle old mascara wands

Wands for Wildlife is part of the nonprofit Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, which is based in North Carolina and works to support orphaned wildlife. Wands for Wildlife asks people to mail in old mascara wands that are then used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur and feathers of wild animals. Wands for Wildlife only accepts wands in October and February due to the large amounts of wands coming in, but saving old ones and donating in the assigned months is a great way to help wildlife. If you’re just going to end up throwing out the old wands anyways, why not give back to a good cause instead?

Donate five dollars anywhere, to any cause

Five dollars might not seem like it could make a huge impact for someone, but if a lot of people considered the possibility of giving up the cost of one Starbucks drink, it could make a huge difference. Five dollars could help men and women experiencing homelessness or support the many charities that exist in the Waterloo Region. House of Friendship is an example of a reputable, local organization that helps members of the community that need food, housing and other resources. House of Friendship responds with compassion and hope when dealing with addiction treatment and your donation would directly support this vision.

Donate blood

If you are eligible to donate blood and are comfortable with doing so, one donation can save up to three lives. This gift of life is so important for many members of the community and it’s pretty easy to give. Canadian Blood Services clinic is a blood donation centre in Waterloo and you can take an eligibility quiz online. It doesn’t cost anything to donate blood and the impact is meaningful and beneficial for people in need.

Offer to babysit

(Photo: Getty Images)

Parents need a break sometimes, life can get hectic and even though you would probably be more inclined to babysit when you’re being compensated for your time, consider how nice it would be to give a couple or single parent a night off. If a friend or loved one has kids and is exhausted, giving them a break is a great gift and kids are (usually) pretty fun to hang out with. Your friend or family member will surely appreciate the kind offer and probably give you a reference in the future.

There you have it! Four simple ways to give back that are sure to make a difference in your life, and the lives of others.