A Short Story that Wraps up your Holiday Shopping

Finals are over, which means it is time to go home for the holiday break! 

Once you get home, the holiday festivities decided to take over your life and you are ready for Christmas to arrive!

Since you are home early, you decide to go to the mall and buy your gifts to beat the rush

As you drive to the mall you blast holiday music in order to pump you up for all the shopping that is about to happen…

Once you arrive at the mall, you notice how many other people decided to go shopping early this year too, so now you are in The Hunger Games of parking spots

Once you find your parking spot, you head inside only to be distracted by the overwhelming amount of decorations in the mall… which obviously makes you so happy you could cry!   

Your heart is beating fast with anticipation as you decide what store you will head to first 

As you walk to your destination, your spirit starts to slowly disappear. You are beginning to feel overwhelmed by the zig-zag motions of people walking past you

Frustration starts to build…

…then you have reached your first store!   As you walk into the store, once again, people are pushing and shoving to find their gifts. It is a madhouse!

Slowly and sneakily, you begin to move around the store, finding those precious gems 

Once you have gotten your items, it is time to cash out! Though, you notice once again… the massive amount of customers who are doing the exact same thing as you…

You start checking your feed for something exciting to do, other than stare at the other customers’ items, just to pass the time

Once at the checkout desk, you feel the happiness once again. Finally… you can buy your gifts for the ones you love!  

…Even though you have that nagging feeling in your mind that when you swipe your card you’ll be greeted by a “declined”

Nevertheless, what’s done is done, and you cannot wait for your family to receive what you have bought them on the big day!

You leave the store with your head held high. You know you have accomplished something on your list and that, my friends, is a great feeling

You will then continue the same process multiple times until you have run out of energy…and money

Finally, you get to leave the mall and never to return again….

Unless you forgot someone’s gift!

Two tips to avoid the mess of holiday shopping:

1. Online Shop

2. Shop in advance as much as you possibly can!

Happy shopping, Golden Hawks!