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The Sex Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Call Her Daddy

This one is an obvious choice. Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn from Call Her Daddy offer hilarious advice and stories every week on their podcast. While they sometimes make some pretty controversial statements/jokes, the podcast overall is very entertaining and definitely informational. Listening to Alex and Sofia feels like you’re having girl talk with your best friends. It’s the 35th most listened to podcast on Apple and was nominated for the 2020 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards. Their fan base has grown so large that they’ve come out with merch that have their most famous catchphrases on it such as “I am unwell”, “gluck gluck 9000”, and “degrade me.”

Top recommended episode: “Sex Toys & How to Not Catch Feelings”

The Escort: Deconstructed

Podcast host Sienna Hunter is a self-titled ‘high-class companion’ in her mid-twenties who happens to be from Toronto. Her goal is to use the podcast to change the stigma that exists around the topic of escorting as well as educate listeners about the issues some escorts face, such as unsafe working conditions, safety issues, mental health struggles, etc. She consistently has guests come onto the podcast so that many unique experiences and stories can be shared to show all the different sides of the sex work industry.

Top recommended episode: “Memoirs of a Whore (with Andrea Werhun)”

Why Won’t You Date Me

Nicole Byer’s podcast deals with dating and sex. Every week she has a guest on to discuss these topics and often they are her friends, ex-flings and occasionally comedians. Personally, I love listening to the episodes with her exes. This is the kind of podcast where you will find yourself laughing out loud all the time. Nicole’s dirty humour is refreshing to listen to and the honesty and vulnerability in the stories she tells is sometimes downright unbelieveable. You may also recognize her as the host from Nailed It! on Netflix.

Top recommended episode: “Scheduling Your Booty Calls (with Raiza Licea)”

Sex with Emily

Emily Morse is a Doctor of Human Sexuality as well as a sex and relationship expert. She uses her podcast to give listeners advice on sex, dating and relationships. Listeners call in and directly ask Dr. Emily questions they may have and then she (and sometimes her guests) answers them live on the podcast. I like the fact that I can trust the information she is giving out as she is a doctor. Her advice always seems to be coming from a place of no-judgement which makes listeners feel comfortable. While she covers many serious topics and questions people may have, humour is often still incorporated when appropriate.

Top recommended episode: “What’s Your (Sex) Type?”

Dying for Sex

This podcast differs from the others as instead of being ongoing weekly, it is a six-part miniseries (concluding on March 11). Host Nikki Boyer and her best friend Molly share the details of her “sexcapades.” Molly is a 41-year-old woman who was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal breast cancer. After receiving the news, she decided to leave her unhappy marriage and become much more sexually open. The podcast is especially enlightening to listen to because sex and illness are rarely ever discussed together. However, sex is not the only focus of the podcast. Nikki and Molly also discuss the realities of living with cancer. The strong friendship between the two, filled with love and respect, is the kind of female relationship most of us hope to have during our middle-aged years.

Top recommended episode: “A Walk On The Wild Side”

Sex Talk with my Mom

The premise behind this podcast is definitely the most interesting. Cam (a stand-up comedian) and KarenLee Porter (a self-titled “cougar”) are a mother and son duo. They talk about sex and relationships every Monday and Thursday with listeners. While most of us cannot imagine being that open with their parents when it comes to our sex lives, Cam and KarenLee have managed to successfully do it. Esquire ranked the podcast on its “Best Sex Podcasts” list and they have appeared on shows such as Megyn Kelly TODAY and Comedy Central’s Tosh.0.  

Top recommended episode: “Period Sex and Butt Stuff (with Comic Nicole Aimee Schreiber)”

Ally Chesham

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Ally Chesham is a 4th year student at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is majoring in Political Science, minoring in Sociology, and working towards a Legal Studies option as well.
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