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Risky Business: 7 Tips for Sending Your Best Nude

PSA: If you are under the age of 18 it is technically illegal to be sending nude pictures. If you choose to take part in sexting as a minor, please be aware of the risks. For more information, visit Kids Help Phone.

So, you found yourself a good-looking mate, and you’ve decided you want to take it to the next level. Sending nudes. Now this may not be for everyone, but if you’re ready to flaunt what your mamma gave ya, then I am here to help. Here are my top 7 tips for sending your best nude!


Pick a Trustworthy Person

If you are choosing to share such intimate, beautiful, sexy photos with someone, be sure you can trust them. The last thing you want is your photo to be spread around, so be sure to have that conversation before hand, therefore leaving you both on the same page.

Be Aware of the Content/Privacy Settings and Regulations

When sending your risky pictures, be aware that some websites are easy to hack into, and also, that some companies own whatever pictures you send or post. Try to avoid Facebook, DM’s, and be aware that although Snapchat may seem like your least risky option (because you can make them disappear), they do own all the pictures you send. Your best option is to send them through text, that way it will stay between you, and your partner.



Have a Good Background

No one thinks your messy room is sexy. Do yourself a favour and shove all your dirty clothes into a different corner when taking your sexy selfie. By doing this, you allow yourself to be the main focus (because duh, you look fine as hell) and won’t look like a slob.


Good Lighting Is a must

If you’re sending a nude, obviously you want your partner to be able to see it, therefore, avoid strait overhead lighting at all costs (they make weird shadows). White walls, or white sheets are always a good background; they will make you look radiant.


Leave a Little Mystery

Mystery will always be sexy, plus it’s hella hard work to get a good picture of your boobs, and your face at the same time. Send whatever part of your body you want to show off, but leave a little mystery – whether it’s a sexy lip bite that only you see, or pulling your panties down just enough to get a sneak peak; if the illusion is there, your partner will love it.



Know the Angles that Enhance Your Body the Best

Whether it’s your butt or your boobs that lack some oomph, choosing the right angle can make ALL the difference. If you are small chested and you’re looking to add a little extra cleavage, a good tip is to have your elbow tilted, and placed slightly under your boob, and take your picture from a straight angle, just tilting it ever so slightly.


Don’t Be Too Critical

We are all human, we have rolls, and cellulite, and sometimes things are completely uneven. That is totally okay, embrace your imperfections because they are beautiful, just like you; and confidence is sexy!

Well, now you know! So get your girls out there, prop ‘em up, and send that sexy selfie! You are confident, and beautiful; don’t let anyone tell you different! Good luck Collegiettes!


Wilfrid Laurier '19

stay smiling
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