Revamping Your Living Space for the Fall

Well, it’s official: fall has started. Technically, it did start back on September 23rd, but the fact that trees are now shedding leaves and the temperature is dropping makes it feel more real. Anyhow, this change may bring you leisure and perhaps encourage you to make a few switches of your own. You could take a different route to school or work. You could experiment with different hairstyles you’ve been dying to try, but contemplating if it will suit you or not. Who knows, you could really take a step out of your comfort zone and try a new coffee order, and with that, I would advise proceeding with caution.

In all seriousness, it may be time for you to change up your living space just to bring a new light and life to it. Now is the time for you to buy some new home accessories! You may be wondering what exactly you can get…and that my friend, is my time to step in.

String Lights

Okay, you may take my advice literally when I say “to bring a new light.”  Getting a string of lights to decorate your room will make it feel more complete. The proper placement of these lights would allow for a more comforting look of your walls (if you’ve been on Tumblr or VSCO, you know how it would create the perfect aesthetic). While standard light strings come in yellow fluorescent light, there are certain LED-based lights that will spread a range of coloured lights around your room. Some even allow you to customize the colour yourself. Besides serving all-important aesthetic purposes, these lights do have the capability to supply enough light for you to read if you’re too tired to reach for the regular light switch. That's what I call killing two birds with one stone.

Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash

Scented Candles

Pumpkin spice. Cinnamon. Vanilla. What do those three have in common?  Besides being hot beverages, they are also a few of the many scents of candles you can get. Scented candles can really add the right scent to complement a room. They are made to relax one’s mind. After coming back from a hectic day, who wouldn’t want to sit back and relax to smells of lavender or pineapple?

Photo from Mr Essentialist

House Plants

Maybe you’ve also taken my advice seriously when I said to “liven it up” (I promise this is the last time I make this joke). Buying a small plant to place on the end of your desk or anywhere in your space is a nice touch. Initially, when I moved into my university residence I noticed a bunch of my floormates bringing these tiny plants in small pots. I was somewhat confused because I only imagined the amount of mess a plant would have created if you knocked the plant over. Over time, as I kept visiting the rooms of my floormates, I found myself feeling relaxed in their rooms. I’m entirely unsure if this was due to the presence of their plants, although various studies have backed up the fact that plants can help with better health and improved productivity. 

Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash

Home Organizing Furniture

Are you a messy person? Do you tend to leave your stuff scattered everywhere or have trouble recalling where you placed it? This is where home organizing furniture comes in. For reference, “Home Organizing Furniture” encompasses shelves, cube drawers, hangers, racks, organizing folders and more. Keeping a well-kept living space will make you feel more level-headed while systematically making it easier for you to relocate your items. Moreover, this group of furniture offers a modernized, slick look that can make a room even better. 

Photo from Mocka

Wall Art

Posters or paintings are a great way to make your home feel like it’s your own. Wall art takes a more classic, cost-effective stance towards adding a bit more flair. This is with the exception of rather expensive and exclusive paintings, so for those willing to splurge and spoil themselves, you can try this.  Grab a poster of your favourite boy band, movie or even a motivational quote to hang around your place.  Heck, if you just happen to be a modern day Picasso, you can decorate your walls with your own creations. In general, you can never go wrong with wall-art as it’s a finishing touch that brings together the varying elements of your room.

Photo by Mike Marquez on Unsplash

Lava Lamp

Okay, this may sound like a really random item: it is. Personally, I have a fascination with lava lamps that just gets my inner hippie going. I find them really cool and amusing to look at when you’re bored. They come in different colours and are a great feature to colourize  a dark room. Randomness works!

With these items in mind, you will be able to refine your living space for the better. Once you finish rearranging to your liking, you can cozy up to your favourite fall novel or take a sip from your pumpkin spice latte.