Relatable University Moments Told by Game of Thrones Gifs

Welcome to the best four years of your life — or so they say. For me, university has been quite the whirlwind! I have experienced some of the best — and worst — moments of my life while earning my undergrad. So, being an avid Game of Thrones fan, I figured I should share some of these moments using Game of Thrones gifs!

Imposter Syndrome

Hello, I’m surrounded by very smart people and I do not deserve to be here. How did I even get accepted to this school?

Acing Something You Thought You Botched

 We’ve all been here. God must be real.

Walking to Class


Talking to Your Professors For The First Time

 They have a Ph.D: I can barely write my own name.

Group Work

Seriously? Messaging me on the day it’s due asking what your role is the worst!

You’re Late!

When the alarm on your phone doesn’t go off and you’ve now slept through a midterm.

Bussing in The Winter Who knew the public transit system could fail me so horribly?

Pub Night

Two-for-one drinks at the campus pub? Count me in!


Sorority/Frat Recruitment 

No, I don’t want to join.


When the assignment is due at 11:59 and you only find out about it at 9:30. Get working!

Staying on Campus

When the library is about to close and the librarian tells you to get lost.

Not Studying Enough

We’ve all been here — when perhaps you should have studied a little bit more for a test.


Nothing like a nice hangover that you truly didn’t deserve.

Sleep Deprivation

“Did you get a full 8 hours last night?”

Bookstore Discounts

When you manage to successfully stick a “used” sticker that you found on the ground of the bookstore on a brand-new book — and they believe it.

Things Get Emotional 

When your friends hear you sobbing for the tenth time this week.

The Academic 180

 When you start off rough, but eventually, you turn into a scholar. What do we say to academic probation? Not today.

Exam Marks

When you’re a solid week into Christmas break, then you for some stupid reason open your final grades and ruin the rest of the break.

People Suck

When nobody sends lecture notes for the class that you miss. Come on!

On-Campus Eats

Have you ever had to settle for the dining hall?

Campus Tours

When you see eager, prospective students and their parents on campus for a tour. IT’S A TRAP!

Tuition Costs 

Excuse me? How much?

Stupid Questions from Peers 

Dude, the due dates are in the syllabus.