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PSA: Harry Styles Released a New Album

Harry Styles’ new album titled Fine Line dropped just over a week ago and it is an absolute masterpiece (though my opinion might be biased, considering I’m a HUGE fan of his and used to be in love with One Direction). This album cleared my acne, saved my grades and restored all world peace (or it at least felt like it did). On a more serious note though, Fine Line features 12 songs and each one is so different from the rest, meaning that there is something for everyone on it! From pop to rock, upbeat to downright depressing, this album takes you on a journey from start to finish. Here is my song by song review of this amazing new album!

1. “Golden”

“Golden,” in my opinion, is the perfect song to start the album with. It is upbeat, catchy and automatically puts the listener in a good mood. An interesting little fact about this song is that Harry himself said he recorded it while on mushrooms. He also said the second he wrote it he knew he wanted it to be the very first song on Fine Line.

2. “Watermelon Sugar”

So, the word around town is that this song is actually about oral sex, which is pretty scandalous when you think about the fact that Harry was previously a member of a very clean-cut boy band. I know I said that “Golden” was catchy but “Watermelon Sugar” takes catchy to a new level. After just one listen I had the song stuck in my head for days. It was the second single he dropped from the album and he performed it the same day it was released on Saturday Night Live.

3. “Adore You”

This is hands down my favourite song on the album. Out of all of them, this song seems the most likely to end up as a hit on the radio. It was the third single he dropped and I remember feeling iffy about it at first, but after two or three listens I fell completely in love. I also recommend checking out the music video he released with this song because it is very interesting, to say the least (let’s just say it involves a fish).

4. “Lights Up”

This was the very first song he released off the album and I cannot even explain how I excited I was listening to this for the first time, especially after waiting around 2 years for new music from Harry. For me, this is one of those songs that you dance around your room to. The message of the song is very positive and it just makes you feel warm and happy listening to it. There is a music video out for this song too!

5. “Cherry”

Harry Styles reportedly wrote this song about his ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe, so it is very juicy (he even includes a snippet of an old voicemail from her at the end). One thing you will notice throughout this album is that fruit is a common theme throughout his music. “Cherry” will hit close to home for anyone who has gone through a breakup and has had to deal with their ex moving on to someone else.

6. “Falling”

Another breakup song, but this one is about 100 times more heartbreaking than “Cherry,” believe it or not. If you are going through any type of relationship troubles, this song is definitely going to get you in your feels reeeaaaal quick. Harry said it took him 20 minutes to write the song, which goes to show just how talented he really is. I think this song has to be my second favourite on the whole album.

7. “To Be So Lonely”

Continuing on the breakup theme of this album, “To Be So Lonely” was for sure written while Harry was still going through the motions of that same breakup. However, instead of being as sad as the previous two, this one seems to be about the point in a breakup when you realize you are done wallowing and can accept that, “yeah things really are done.”

8. “She”

If you are familiar with Harry’s last album, his solo debut, you may agree with me that “She” feels like an upgraded, more mature version of “Woman.” This song has slight rock vibes and has a completely different sound than everything else on Fine Line. The electric guitar featured throughout the song gives it some really cool vibes, and the solo at the end finishes off the song in the sickest way possible.

9. “Sunflower, Vol. 6”

This song is what summer dreams are made of. The second it comes on I automatically picture myself listening to it while driving with the windows down in the summer. What is better than a song about the cutest flowers in the world? The answer is nothing. It is probably the most upbeat song on the album and it gives off a little bit of a hippie vibe in my opinion.

10. “Canyon Moon”

Some people on Twitter say that they consider “Canyon Moon” to be country. While I’m not too sure if I agree with that yet, again it is a song that makes me think of summer when I listen to it. It is a really cute song and pretty different from anything that Harry has released so far. It is without a doubt respectable how many genres he can successfully sing.

11. “Treat People with Kindness”

Okay, so this song wins major points because the title and lyrics are absolutely adorable. Especially at this time in the world, it seems there is no better message than to make sure we are always treating others with as much kindness as possible. Major props to Harry for putting out a song with such a wholesome positive message.

12. “Fine Line”

This is the last song of the album and the inspiration for the album title. Just like how Harry knew the second he wrote “Golden” that it would be the first song, he knew right away that “Fine Line” would be the last. It is a much more chill song than the few that come before it. It almost has a nostalgic feel to it that makes it the absolute perfect song to end the album off with.

Overall, I highly recommend listening to Fine Line, whether you consider yourself a fan of Harry Styles or not, because the music really is amazing. These songs are without a doubt going to be all I’m listening to for the next month at least, with the odd Christmas song here and there. I will be counting down the days until July when I get to see him perform this album live.

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