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Popcorn Popped
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Popcorn Combos You Need to Try

Popcorn is one of my favourite snacks and I eat it so often that I thought I’d share some of my favourite combinations that I’ve made.

The Italian Special

The Italian Special can be easily made with ingredients most people already have stocked in their cupboards. Drizzle olive oil on top of your popcorn, sprinkle oregano and a pinch of salt, then mix it all together!

Movie Theatre Go-To

This concession stand classic can be easily replicated at home. All you need is some hot buttery popcorn (with layered butter ofc) and a bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms. Peanut M&Ms just aren’t the same because they can’t compare to the gooey peanut butter, so don’t make this rookie mistake!

Bold Buffalo

Spice up your butter with the addition of Franks Red Hot Sauce in a 1:1 ratio! Microwave, then toss with your popcorn. Basically, Buffalo Wings?!

First It’s Spicy, Then It’s Sweet

Combine equal amounts of brown sugar and butter in a bowl, then add chilli powder and salt to taste. Microwave for 15-30 seconds depending on your microwave, then drizzle and mix your popcorn. It’s a two in one combo sure to satisfy everyone’s cravings!

Just Like White Cheddar

Gone are the days of going to Blockbuster to rent a Scooby-Doo movie to watch while eating popcorn with white cheddar powder. The nostalgia of that for me is perfectly replicated by this dairy-free alternative! Pop your popcorn, melt vegan margarine to go on top, then sprinkle nutritional yeast to finish it off. Ta-Da!

The Upgraded Classic

If the other ones are too wild for you, with slight modifications you can create an upgraded version of butter and salt. Melt coconut oil instead to drizzle on popcorn then sprinkle sea salt or even better pink Himalayan salt if you have any! Yum!

If you feel like your snacks have fallen into a boring cycle, these popcorn hacks will definitely shake up your popcorn snacking game!



Italian Special & Movie Theatre Go-To recipes sourced from: Shae D.

Samantha Zani

Wilfrid Laurier '22

Samantha Zani is a third year student at Wilfrid Laurier University double majoring in history and North American studies. Samantha is the Wilfrid Laurier Her Campus Events Director for the 2020-2021 school year. When she isn’t busy studying you can find her watching Raptors games or reading a new book. Sam loves lists, iced coffee and vanilla candles.
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