Plant Based Bride is Summer BuJo Goals

Whether you already bullet journal or you're thinking of setting one up for the first time, you've probably seen photos of beautiful art on Instagram and followed along with plan-with-mes on YouTube. If you haven't seen her work yet, my favourite YouTuber (and I LOVE YouTube) is Plant Based Bride! Elizabeth, found on Instagram as ElizabethTurn is a great person to watch for inspiration both on and off the pages of your journal. Here's why I think she's the best!

  1. 2. She uploads two plan-with-mes a month

    Most YouTubers only do one, but Elizabeth makes videos of both her own and her husband's bullet journals. That's double the fun and double the inspiration. 

  2. 6. Say it loud: Feminist AF

    Her content is so inclusive. It's like having a best friend tell you are more than your outer beauty every time you watch a video. 

  3. 7. ... and she speaks to her mental health

    Elizabeth has been super open on her channel about her struggles with mental illness. Seeing how talented she is while dealing with the same challenges as many of us is honestly so inspirational. 

  4. 9. ...and she shows how she's already grown

    It's not all perfect watercolour art and flawless spreads. She shows her viewers the process and the mistakes, including the very beginning of her bullet journal journey!

  5. 10. On top of all that, she does more than BuJo!

    She does style, she does stationery, she does reaction videos. Even better, she does them all well!

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