The Perks of Being a Third Wheel

So, you’re the single friend. You’re the life of the party who doesn’t have to be worried about anyone but yourself. You do what you want, when you want, and how you want. You can go to bars and flirt with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, or for that matter, Britney, Whitney, and Sheri (wondering why there is no female equivalent to Tom, Dick and Harry?). This is great most of the time. But when you have a slight change of mind and want to go on a date, your friends are always there to invite you out with them and their SO (at least they better be). While you may be thinking you don’t want to be stuck between two lovey-dovey 20-something year olds, holding hands and playing cutesy, there are many benefits to playing third wheel.

1. It’s usually free

Whether it’s your food, drinks, or movie ticket, your friend or their beau usually end up footing your part of the bill, and that is grand.

2. You have two hands to hold.

What? You are on a date after all, show a little interest.

3. You don’t have to share anything.

No one is picking at your plate trying to be cute. Dessert for one. And better yet, you don’t have to fork out any details about your hopes and dreams. Just hang out and enjoy.

4. You learn lessons the easy way.

You see where people falter in relationships, and learn from them without it being your heart on the line.

5. You always have an ally.

Whether the target is your friend or their SO, you always have someone to tag-team with when you start poking fun at one or the other. Since you and your friend are partners in crime, it’s easy to make fun of their date, and if the BF/GF knows what’s good for them, they will take your side and make fun of your friend as well. It’s a win-win for you.

6. There’s always a chance the S.O. brings along a hot friend since they know you’re coming.

I mean, this hasn’t happened yet, but I’m not giving up (hint hint friends).

7. The world is still your oyster.  

While you’re technically on a date, you’re still single so you can flirt and check out anyone who walks by. Just don’t nudge your bestie and ask what they think, the BF/GF may not like that one.

8. There is no commitment.

You’re the third wheel. If anything, they’re committed to including you in their night.

9. You’ve got multiple wingmen.

Who better to help you out when someone attractive comes along than the two people who wish you would get your own date and stop interrupting theirs?

10. You don’t have to share your space.

You get to end your night alone in your cozy bed that you certainly don’t have to share. So go ahead and spread those arms and legs wherever you want, maneuver your pillows however you want, and sleep tight.


So, while you may think playing third wheel is a nightmare, don’t knock it ‘til you try it, the pros definitely outweigh the cons (in my opinion anyways).