The Perfect Christmas Gift for Every Type of Friend

Gift-giving can be one of the most stressful parts of the holiday season, especially if your friends are difficult to shop for. What are you supposed to get the girl that has everything? Or the friend that gives you no hints? Every friend is so different and if you're a little stuck, look no further. I've provided four different gifts for four different types of friends to hopefully inspire some ideas!

For the friend that’s always late: an alarm clock that runs away


Alarm clock on wheels, $18.90

This cute little alarm clock literally runs away, forcing your time-challenged friend to actually get out of bed and stop the annoying sound. They may resent you for a little while, but they’ll soon realize the benefit of having time to get ready in the morning. The best part? It’s called Clocky and it’s just SO CUTE!

For the friend that’s always stressed: sensory therapy products


(Source: ORIGINS)

ORIGINS Peace Of Mind™ On-the-Spot Relief, $20.00

Origins Peace Of Mind™ On-the-Spot Relief is a great gift for your friend who's overwhelmed with exams and essays, or the friend that works part-time while trying to balance their school work and social life. Or for the friend that just got dumped and is on their fourth mental breakdown of the week (or day). Stress is almost impossible to avoid for university students, but a soothing peppermint scent in Origins Peace Of Mind™ On-the-Spot Relief helps to relieve some of that tension.

For the friend that gets blackout every other day of the week: Recoup Hangover Remedy

Recoup Hangover Remedy, $29.99

The worst part of a night out is the morning after, and we all know that one friend who goes out way more than anyone else; being hungover is a constant state for them. Recoup Hangover Remedy claims to assist in the hangover recovery by providing a “comprehensive blend of the 23 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes & amino acids your body needs after a night of drinking.” The capsules are all-natural and backed by science, but it’s cautioned that they should be taken a few hours apart from other medications or natural health products. It is also advised to avoid using the capsules if you are pregnant, taking antibiotics or nitroglycerin or are allergic to plants of the Asteraceae/Compositae/Daisy family.

For the friend that has everything: fill-in-the-blanks “I love you” book

Fill-in-the-blanks “I love you” book, $12.95

Some friends are just impossible to shop for. They either have everything, or they don’t want anything. Why not give them the gift of a cute little book that expresses your love for them in a fill-in-the-blanks style? I remember giving this to my mom after gathering ideas from my brothers and she almost started crying, everything we wrote was either funny or sentimental and that’s exactly what Christmas is all about. Every aspect of the book is personalized and is actually really fun to work on since you’ll be reminiscing on all your best memories and inside jokes.  

There you have it! Personal gifts can be touching and they don’t have to break the bank. Christmas is about appreciating those around you and showing them that you care for their friendship, humour and all the things that make them so special. It’s not always fun waiting around for the friend that’s always late, or taking care of the friend that’s always blackout drunk, but you do it anyway because you wouldn’t trade that friend for anyone else. One day, you’ll be that drunk, late or stressed-out friend and they’ll be right there to hold your hair back and clean up your mess, and hopefully, they’ll be giving you a Christmas gift as great as these!