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Official Fall Lookbook: Outfit Inspiration

All collegiettes can agree that fall is the ultimate season for fashion. We have happily swapped out our shorts and flats for cozy knits and boots to embrace the autumn air. However, we often find our wardrobe from last fall just isn’t as on-trend as we remember and feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning our outfits. We mix our most stylish pieces in hopes that an outfit will fall together perfectly, yet constantly end up unsatisfied and lacking the wardrobe inspiration we so desperately need. For those of you still feeling uninspired, look no further – the official Fall Lookbook is here to help us effortlessly fall into the season!

1. Walk in the Park

With Waterloo Park around the corner from campus, and the leaves all around us transitioning gorgeously, remember to make the most of the beauty fall has blessed us with. Bundle yourself up and take a walk, but of course do it in style. Try a furry vest, matched with ripped denim and topped with a floppy hat.

2. Rainy Day

On the days we aren’t so delighted to embrace the weather, be prepared instead. A little rain won’t stop a collegiette from putting her best foot (or rain boot) forward. Simply ensure to wear a waterproof coat and footwear, matched with a classic flannel and a layered scarf.

3. Heading to Class

Layers are key for heading to class. Far too often, we walk to class thinking we should have worn a warmer coat, then immediately regret ever thinking that as soon as the heat hits us indoors. This classic problem collegiettes face can be solved with LAYERS. Wear a button up blouse topped with a blanket scarf and beanie to be prepared against the inevitable surge of heat as soon as you take a seat.

4. Night Out

Plaids are an iconic fall staple. They’re just so simple yet classic to toss on and rush out the door. So why not experiment and try a flannel skirt this fall? The academic-style trend is all the rage this season, and this creative twist on the classic plaid kilt is perfect for a night out.

5. Warmer Weather

Fall weather is always questionable. Some days the weather borders on winter lows, yet sometimes fall graces us with a day to reminisce on the summer sun. On days like this, incorporate some of your summer pieces with fall accessories! Try adding a scarf, layers, or tall boots to your favourite summer t-shirt dress.

6. Shopping Day

Chic comfort is key. Wear an outfit that is easy to change in and out of for trying on different pieces, yet still looks sophisticated and modern. Try a versatile vest with riding boots and a layered scarf.

6. Date Night

Think confident, yet modest. Mix different textures together to create an eye-catching outfit that is guaranteed to make a statement. Try a pair of leather leggings paired with an elegant peacoat, heeled booties, and a bold necklace to achieve the look.


Collegiettes, there is no better season than fall to experiment with prints, textures, and all forms of layers. Get inspired, be daring, and conquer the season in style!

Olivia Di Pede

Wilfrid Laurier

Olivia is a fourth year English major with the Management Option at Wilfrid Laurier University and a Style Blogger for Her Campus. In her free time she can be found taking yoga classes, scavenging Sephora and creating content for her personal lifestyle blog. She is a perpetual reader, frequent dancer and lover of the sea. Follow her on instagram @oliviadipede and follow her journey at http://oliviadipede.com
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