Office Hours: How to Make Sure You’re Not Just Another Number!

We’ve all heard that, once you enter university, you can become just a number. Well, here’s how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, and how to ensure both academic and personal success in school and the future!

The transition from high school to university is a big one and it happens while you are questioning many things about yourself. The biggest ones are: what do you want to do in life and how are you going to get there? The simple truth is that university is not just about good grades. Nowadays, connections can make or break you, and what better way to start networking than with the people who are dedicated to your learning and have spent years themselves immersed in the education system? Your professors are there to support you! They are helpers at your disposal and, most importantly, they want you to succeed. 

If you should learn anything reading this, it’s that office hours are seriously one of the greatest resources in university. This is a great way to get to know your professor, ask any and all questions you may be too shy to ask in class, and not to mention you’ll receive tips and hints about exams. It is mandatory that your professor holds office hours and, whether or not students show up, they will be there for your support. So take advantage of this because professors appreciate your dedication, and they are a great building block to your future by offering a wealth of knowledge!

Not only can they offer help with the specific course they are teaching you, but they also are more than welcome to give advice and guidance about ways to achieve and succeed in your own personal aspirations. Your professor can offer advice on courses, volunteering opportunities, thesis options, and even job connections. So, take the time to make that connection because Laurier has some of the friendliest and most passionate professors around!

Getting to know your professor and being active in your learning is important and, although your professor can adjust your grade based on effort and participation, nearly every postgraduate school and job interview will require references. By breaking free from “your number” and becoming a friendly face, you are setting yourself up for excellent reference letters that can make or break your chance at the position you’re vying for. A great reference letter from a distinguished professor is the difference between standing out in an interview and once again being just another name or number on a page. 


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