The Nun: Watching As A History/Medieval Studies Student

I recently went to the movies with my friends to see the newest addition to the Conjuring franchise — The Nun. After hearing promising reviews, I knew I had to go see it! I am currently studying history and Medieval studies. Naturally, as a student who studies these disciplines, I have managed to pick up a very annoying trait that unfortunately has now ruined my enjoyment when it comes to seeing a new movie at the theatre. I can get incredibly and often times unreasonably annoyed at how filmmakers portray history — especially Medieval history — in movies.
My experience watching The Nun was no different. I bought some snacks, sat back and for the most part, I enjoyed what I saw! There was even a scene or two that made me laugh out loud.

Communist Romania

The movie takes place in 1952, when Romania was under Communist rule. There were strict rules against religion being practised openly in the public sphere, so it didn’t make sense for this film to have people openly practising religion during this time period.

Random Crusader Cameo

What are you guys doing here? Was Rome funding demon slaying? The slow-motion, 300-style barging in of the crusaders to fight a demon nun, made me laugh really loud.

Holy Grail?

Why did this random abbey in Romania have a vial of Jesus’ blood? If the Vatican doesn’t even have it, why would they?

Not Actually Filmed in A Catholic Church

I found it interesting, but understandable, why they ended up using a Medieval castle for the “Abbey.” Filming is forbidden in Romanian churches, so they had to find the next best authentic thing! 

“The Dark Ages”

Whenever someone calls the Middle Ages “the Dark Ages,” a Medievalist can be heard crying from a mile away. IT WAS A TIME OF INNOVATION AND NOT DARK — I promise!

Being Buried Alive

Yes, it’s true! People in the past actually did have a sort of signalling device just in case they were buried alive. Despite this not really being a Medieval concept, it was cool to see them incorporate this into the movie! 

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let Valak bite!