No Pumpkin? No Problem! Other Ways to Decorate for the Season

It’s that time of year again! Leaves on the trees have officially changed colours and before you know it, it’s time to hit up the local pumpkin patch! If you are anything like me and have terrible luck, there is a great chance your optimistic trip to the patch will turn to despair when you realize every pumpkin has been already picked! Don’t fret! There are many other autumn-inspired decorations out there to spice up your home!


One of the cutest alternatives for a pumpkin can be some dried corn! This colourful alternative will not only last longer than a pumpkin, but you can keep it for the following year. You can put it as a centrepiece for your dinner table or turn it into a DIY project for the front porch!


Gourds are a staple for fall décor! They are often over-looked for their pumpkin counterparts, due to the fact that not many people want to carve a squash. However, gourds make beautiful alternatives for centrepieces for not only indoor, but outdoor décor as well. If you are not a fan of their colour — why not paint them a funky colour instead? Get creative!]

Apples & Grapes

Never thought of this one, huh? Fruit is often over-looked for the fall season, but this is the prime time to utilize a sweet opportunity to use it as décor! A nice mix between red apples and green grapes will give your dinner table an awesome boost of colour for the fall season!

Pinecones & Leaves

This is where the DIY folks get to shine! One of the most affordable options for decorating is to create your own statement piece using pieces you can find outdoors! Using leaves and pinecones is a fantastic idea, since you can get them for free! A really cool idea is to make a fall-inspired wreath for your front door — and the most you’ll have to do for that is get some twine and a hot glue gun! If not, you could always make a small centrepiece for your dining room table using the same items — also feel free to add some fruit into the mix! Fall décor is all about having fun!


Flowers are one of the most beautiful décor pieces that can be used for any season! For the fall, try to look for flowers that are red, yellow, dark purple and orange — mix them together, or do one colour on its own! For me, sunflowers are a type that you really can’t go wrong with when looking to add some colour to your home for this season. Also — instead of purchasing over-priced supermarket flowers, try checking out the local farmers market or small florists’ shops! Oftentimes you can find flowers for a fraction of the price you would see at big-box stores.

Have fun decorating!

Photos: Midwest Living, Johnny Seeds, 123RF, Vivo Homeliving, Life at Cloverhill