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Nighttime Pampering Essentials

Although many adults  would argue that we students live the life of leisure, we do have some pretty stressful days. Whether it’s studying for what seems like a never-ending exam season, or frantically searching for a job to pay for school, there are times we really need to take a moment, breathe, and just relax. A great way to relax is to have a night full of pampering yourself. If that peaks your interest, check out these night time pampering essentials!


There is just something about candles that brings an instant calmness to a room. Whether it is their delicious scent or the ambiance of the flickering flame, candles are a must in everyone’s life, or at least we think so. Set some candles up around your bath and it will definitely help bring down your stress level. 

Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are a current popular trend. Lush is most commonly known for their colorful bath bombs that not only turn your bath water funky colors, which are totally Instagram worthy, but the bombs also release sweet fragrances and essential oils to leave your skin feeling smooth, and smelling fresh. 


After hopping out of that relaxing bath, you don’t want your anxiety to spike with the thought of having to freeze when getting out of the tub. That’s where a super warm and fuzzy robe comes in handy! 


Moisturizing is so important! The best time to lather up in moisturizer is right after a shower or bath, when your skin is freshly exfoliated and still damp. This is when moisturizer gets absorbed best into the skin. It is important to not only moisturize the face, but also your body. This will hydrate your skin and leave it feeling extra soft!

Hair Mask

Once in a while, we need to give our hair a rest. Hair becomes damaged so easily, and, if you are using hot tools on your hair like most of us do, it is safe to say you have already caused some damage. Hair masks are a great way to treat your hair. Cover your hair in a thick hair mask after your bath or shower and try to spend a couple hours or even over night with it in your hair. Your hair will thank you. 

Eye Mask



Now, after all these relaxing treatments, you’re sure to be more than ready for a good night’s sleep. Your sleeping mask blocks out any annoying light that may distract you from sleeping. That morning sun comes out way too early sometimes.

Hopefully you have some time to treat yourself to a night full of pampering! Let us know what your favorite pampering essential is by tweeting us @HerCampusWLUCA! 

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