Night-Out Clutch Essentials

Planning what to carry in your clutch for a night-out can be a very stressful first world problem.  Everyone knows that a clutch is the go-to party or date night purse because it isn’t bulky and takes up minimum space, refraining you from taking your entire life with you on a night-out.  However, with less space comes a super difficult decision-making process that involves deciding what to bring or leave home before you embark on a fun-filled night with your pals.  Fear not, I’ve got you covered for the top essentials to carry in your clutch, so that your clutch comes clutch!


A Card Holder

Swap your chunky wallet for a slim cardholder that holds your money and cards all while taking up little to no space in your clutch!  Just make sure you pack the essentials- your I.D, some cash, and a credit or debit card in case of an emergency transaction.  


Your Make-Up Touch Ups

No need to cram all your make-up products into your clutch since there’s simply no room for them.  Instead, only pack make-up touch ups that you would need throughout the night.  This means packing a small powder compact to control any excess oil built up throughout the night, a small kabooki brush, and your lipstick of choice.  Your face will look super fresh all night long with these three touch up essentials.


Your Cell

Never leave the house without a method of contact.  Whether you’re using it to check in on your BFF’s location or using Google Maps to search the next club to hit up, make sure you have your cell phone in case anyone needs to reach you on short notice (or vice versa!).

Gum or Mints

This is a definite essential to keep your breath smelling fresh all night long.  Pack your favourite gum or mints to save your breath, and your friends!  Besides, it will definitely come in handy on date night too!

Bonus Items!

If you have some leftover room in your clutch, go ahead and squeeze in a few more of these items! 

In case it’s a colder night, pack some tissues! They could also come in handy to fix any make-up smudges.

A back-up battery pack is a perfect addition to your clutch if you find your phone runs out of battery super quick.  You can find battery packs everywhere and most of them are small and compact - the perfect size for your clutch!

A perfume roller-ball is the best way to take your favourite perfume with you on the go!  They’re super sleek and slim, take up practically no room in your clutch, and they’re the perfect addition to ensure you smell amazing all night long.

Hope these clutch essentials helped make clutch packing a little less stressful.  Have fun on your next night out, Collegiettes!