New Makeup to Try from Sephora

New Year new…makeup?! You heard right!  It’s a brand new year, so it’s time to venture out and find some new favourite makeup products at the Holy Grail land of makeup- Sephora!  We all know Sephora can be seriously intimidating with it’s floor-to-ceiling walls of makeup, but with this handy makeup guide you’ll be able to set out and find the best products that Sephora has to offer makeup-wise!  Get your wallet ready for some serious shopping and keep reading to learn the best makeup goodies that Sephora has to start 2018 the right way!

The first thing to keep an eye out for is anything from the Fenty Beauty range.  Rihanna’s new line is poppin’ with colours and carry products that cater to practically every skin tone- score!  So what’s the best new product to test out from her line right now?  Her new Mattemoiselle Plush Matte lipsticks!  These lipsticks wear like a dream and give you serious colour!  The colour range is killer, with gorgeous neutral shades and some others that will definitely have you testing your comfort zone!  In the mood for a new lipstick?  Have a go at these babies!

Second on the list is Nars Radiant Longwear Foundation. Nars is definitely a brand known for their long-wearing products, so this product should not disappoint.  It’s no secret that we all would like dewy, fresh looking skin as well, and this product brings luminosity to the face with its radiant touch.  Foundation is a product that should be switched out every few months to avoid bacteria, so if you’re in need of a new foundation be sure to try this one out!  (PS. Sephora gives out free samples of this product as well, so test before you buy to make sure this foundation is for you!)

The third product to try out this New Year is the Two Faced Diamond Light Multi-Use Highlighter.  I love me a product that’s multi-purpose!  Not only is this product aesthetically pleasing, but it looks gorgeous on the skin and is super on-trend!  This diamond shaped highlighter has a unique liquid to powder formula and can be used on the eyes as a glittery shadow or the face and body to highlight your high points.  The iridescent colour of this product also gives you the perfect glow!  This is a definite must-have in my books!   

Fourth is the new MetalMatte Mini eye shadow palette from Kat Von D!  Looking for a new eye shadow palette?  You definitely have to try this one out, because Kat knows her pigment!  The colours in this palette are super warm toned and perfectly formulated to spice up your eyes during the cold winter months.  This palette is also a deluxe mini version, so it’s perfect for travelling!          

Finally, finishing the list is the Tarte Park Ave Princess Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer.  Ok, this product is a mouthful, but it’s packed full of amazingness!  Who doesn’t want to be a Park Ave princess, am I right?  This beautiful golden toned bronzer will be sure to give you the perfect sun-kissed glow this season!  The pan is huge, so it will last you for-ev-er!  Plus, it’s waterproof, so your contour will slay all day!

If you’re in the makeup-buying mood (like I usually am) or are in need of some new go-to products from Sephora, be sure to check out these goodies to achieve total makeup-slaying status!  Good luck this New Year, colliegettes! Xoxo