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Netflix’s New Show ‘Nailed It’ Rewards Amateur Bakers for Butchering Desserts

If you were beginning to feel shortchanged on Master Chef Junior GIFs of kids cooking under pressure, don’t worry, because Netflix’s newest baking show, “Nailed It”, will be sure to fill that void. It will also definitely make you feel better about scorching your last batch of banana bread.

The reality show, hosted by the always hilarious and over the top Nicole Byer, stars home bakers who have a horrible track record in the kitchen as they compete for $10,000 by recreating culinary works of art made by the famous guest judges.

In each episode, three bakers from across the United States first see what’s behind Door #1 and compete in a mini challenge to earn a leg-up on the competition. The winner of the first challenge must don the sparkly gold chef’s hat, which seems more like a punishment than reward.

After unveiling the challenge behind Door #2, the producers bring in the buttons! There’s the panic button, which brings in an expert to give advice to the struggling chef, and, let’s be real, this is what most cooking and baking shows have always needed. Honestly, we all wish we had a panic button for second semester. There’s also the freezer-burn button, which freezes your clock and the competition. Finally, there’s the pardon-my-French button, which is the ultimate sabotage, as head judge Chef Jacques Torres can only aid the panic button pusher in French.

“Nailed It” isn’t just for the culinary challenged: even the most devote bakers can enjoy watching this masterpiece of mediocracy. It’s not really a competition of who is the best, but it is more about who had the least terrible baking endeavor. Golden Hawks, if you’re looking for some comic relief to get you through that exam slump, we would 10/10 recommend!

Alexandra Geitz

Wilfrid Laurier '20

Alex is a third-year English and Communication Studies major and writer for HCWLU. You can usually find her avoiding a large TBR pile of academic journals wishing she was at the beach reading fiction instead!
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