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My Personal Ranking of B99 Duos

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine (B99) is one of the most comedic television shows I’ve ever watched. Even though season eight was not what I was expecting, it will forever live in my heart as the series that never failed to make me laugh, cry and hit me with all the feels. The chemistry between the cast is unmistakable and is consistently displayed in the characters’ friendships and partnerships with one another. This is my ranking for the top ten comedic duos that bring the series together.

hitchcock and scully

The absolute train wreck that is Hitchcock and Scully is unbeatable. The comedic duo have been partners on the force for 30 years and come together to make the series hilarious and wholesome. Some of my favourite moments include them being mistaken for a gay couple, Scully being worried when Hitchcock is trapped on the balcony of the precinct and their attempt to cook the perfect meal of lasagna and garlic bread. Though they are not the most brilliant detectives at the 99th Precinct, they once were the cool golden boys and continue to enjoy the little work they do.

jack and gina

Jake and Gina have been good friends since their childhood, both in the series and in real life. Jake gets Gina a job at the precinct and Gina describes their friendship as, “an emoji with a little girl holding a little boy’s hand.” Throughout the series, Gina helps Jake with apartment problems, resolves issues with Kevin and consistently supports him.

Terry and jake

During the episode of Terry’s vasectomy, Jake is determined to confirm that Terry is sure about his decision to move forward with the procedure. No one will understand the pain and sadness I felt when Terry told Jake back in season two that they were simply work friends. Jake is relentless to express his friendship to Terry and by the end of the episode, the two become a lot closer. Soon, Jake becomes a godparent to Terry’s children and a god husband to Terry’s wife, which absolutely makes my heart warm.

rosa and holt

The chemistry between these two characters is amazing because they share similar personality traits and characteristics. Though they are intense and awkward at times, and often do not discuss feelings and emotions, they are perfectly content sharing a comfortable silence with each other. Holt and Rosa share a friendly moment when Rosa comes out as bisexual to the squad, they are competitive in a bomb-defusing course and walk into a frozen lake to celebrate Christmas.

Charles and gina

With Gina’s sassy and dry personality and Charles’ optimistic and big-hearted personality, the friends with benefits turned step-siblings make a hilarious and entertaining duo. After they hook up, Gina is worried that Charles will tell Jake about their casual relationship, but Charles is able to respect Gina’s wishes and they end their relationship as expected: the handing back of Charles’ food processor and as better friends.

jake and rosa

Rosa and Jake are not friends who discuss personal matters, but they do trust one another and support each other. Rosa considers Jake her closest friend and the infamous 1,000 push-ups portray their trust in one another. Their top moments include Jake helping Rosa tell her parents that she is bisexual, Jake attempting to convince Terry that Adrian is a good guy for Rosa and Rosa admitting they are friends and sharing her current romantic partner’s name.

jake and amy

The competitive relationship between these detectives involved participating in bets, constant bickering and teasing and mutual respect for each other’s work. From the first “title of your sex tape” to “Amy Santiago, will you marry me?”, I have been in love with this duo. Amy may be the organized neat freak, but she still fell for the incredibly immature, yet charming Jake Peralta.

jake and charles

Charles Boyle always has his best friend Jake’s back, but throughout the series is able to share his boundaries with him while continuing to support him. When the squad is forced to work the night shift, Charles displays his family-oriented side by explaining that he would rather spend time with his son, instead of working the case until it is solved. Jake comes to respect Charles’ dedication to his family and eventually apologizes and supports him. The food critic and Die-Hard fan do not have much in common, but their friendship goes past interests. My absolute favourite moment between the two is when Jake asks Boyle to be his BM.

jake and Doug Judy

Jake and his nemesis, the Pontiac Bandit, as criminal and cop, are a golden comedic duo. No episode involving these two is a miss and their friendship grows with each of their interactions. Jake never fails to come through for Doug Judy, and they quickly become allies and friends.

jake and holt

Jake being the goofy, childish detective with daddy issues, and Holt being the reserved, expressionless and principled captain of the squad make for an entertaining father and son duo and bond. While Holt teaches Jake to be serious, Jake teaches Holt to loosen up. My favourite scenes between them include the robot voice during their first encounter, Holt officiating Jake’s wedding, when they quarantine together due to mumps and every Halloween heist episode.

It was so difficult to decide on the top-ranked duo as every character has such great chemistry with everyone. This is my current personal ranking, and it may change in the future as I continue to rewatch the series.

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