My Favourite Tweets by Everyone’s Favourite Em B

I’ve gotten to know Emily Barrieau over the last year. We co-head the Events team for Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier, and have quite a few things in common. We share a love for Caesars, and One Tree Hill. Not only is she hilarious to have a conversation with, but her Twitter is just as funny. I’ve picked a few of my favourite tweets by the infamous Em B’s private Twitter account to share. A person’s Twitter definitely tells you a lot about them.

She’s got senioritis for sure.

The sass is too real.

She’s definitely not a cat person.

She’s optimistic about love.

She has her priorities straight.

Wow…when is this going to happen for real?

Had to creep pretty far back for this one.

She’s such a makeup inspo.

And my personal favourite.

Unfortunately, Em B is private on Twitter, but if you’re lucky maybe she’ll accept that follow request.