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My Favourite Natural & Affordable Skincare Brand

Like many young teenagers, I suffered from mild breakouts and oily skin (fun times). One of the best things I ever did for my skin was switch to using only natural skincare products. However, there is a large stigma around natural skincare and many people think that making the switch will break the bank. This is 100% untrue. Here is my favourite skincare brand that is completely natural, affordable and is available at your local grocery store!

Sukin Beauty

Sukin Beauty is a skincare company based out of Australia. Vegan and cruelty-free, the brand also has a very long list of things that they do not put in any of their products (the list can be found on their website here). Additionally, all of Sukin Beauty’s products are non-GMO and carbon neutral.

The greatest thing about Sukin Beauty (in my opinion after using their skincare products for over four years) is that there are a wide range of products for different skin types.

Sukin features a wide range, including:


Super Greens

Blemish Control

Oil Balancing

Purely Ageless



My favourites are the Signature and Sensitive range!

Since switching over to Sukin Beauty, my skin remains quite clear and the discolouration has improved. Additionally, at such an affordable price point in such convenient locations, buying it is a no-brainer. I use the signature cleanser and moisturizer every morning and evening, and I try to use the signature face mask at least once a week (if I remember). Do I still break out? Of course! But there’s no magic product that will completely make your breakouts go away. Especially around THAT time of the month.

I haven’t had any issues with any of the other ranges, and I truly believe that there is a range that will work for everyone. It is worth spending a tiny bit more for natural skincare as opposed to buying something like Neutrogena, which is not natural and can irritate your skin.

If you’re someone who is trying to be more eco-conscious, Sukin Beauty is a great option as the bottles are recyclable. Additionally, I’ve saved a few of mine and cleaned them up to use for travelling as the top of the bottle can be locked so there’s no need to worry about spills!

It only takes one small step to become more eco-friendly, and switching to a natural skincare brand can be the first step to reducing your footprint AND giving your skin the nutrients it needs, a double whammy

I buy my Sukin Beauty products at Zehrs, however, you can also buy their products at Winners/Marshalls or on their website here.

I highly recommend you give them a try! Plus, if this brand in particular doesn’t work for you, there are plenty of other wonderful natural skincare brands on the market waiting to be found.

Bronte Behling

Wilfrid Laurier '23

A second year Cultural Studies and Film Studies double major student at Wilfrid Laurier University, Bronte has had a passion for creative writing since middle school where she took an online summer course about J.R.R Tolkien's the Silmarillion. A cat lover, Star Wars fan and podcast enthusiast she aims to gain more writing experience through this publication in order to pursue her post-degree goal of becoming a journalist.
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