My Experience Using TikTok

Considering that the COVID-19 pandemic has given us an extended amount of time to be inside (and to go insane due to not being able to socialize like normal), I decided to create a TikTok account to see what all of the hype was about.

Now, before writing this article, I had a TikTok account to look at videos only but not actually post any myself. By properly giving myself a username, I was prepared to actually POST.

This was a bit intimidating.

Videos on TikTok fall into a multitude of categories. Dance, comedy, animal-based — there’s something for everyone. Therefore, I set out to create videos to replicate trends that popped up a lot on my ‘For You’ page. Dance and comedy.

First, I set out to create a dance video to the very popular song “Say So” by Doja Cat (Note: I am NOT a dancer, please don’t criticize my very stilted moves too much).

This turned out to be surprisingly fun, and the dance didn’t take me that long to learn properly. However, there are more complicated ones that are popular on the app that I also set to make one of. (Also, yikes. This song is quite inappropriate, and I know I’ve seen multiple tweens use it which is highly uncomfortable).

This dance was harder to learn but still fun. However, I’m still cringing at myself doing it. I guess this is something most TikTok users have to go through and eventually gets easier when you stop taking yourself as seriously?

With that, I set out to conquer the last category I had picked: comedy. Videos related to self-isolation and quarantine have been blowing up on the app, so I also picked to add to this trend by using humorous audio to highlight the fact that the first time I had put makeup on in weeks was to film the TikTok.

Due to this being a hot topic right now, this video got three likes while the others didn’t gain any. This shows that the TikTok algorithm is pushing videos related to the current state of the world, and what people are doing with all of this extra time. On my own ‘For You’ page, it is pretty much all the content I get as of recently.

Overall, I had a lot of fun posting on TikTok. I believe there’s a space for anyone to create something, and the possibilities are endless. Additionally, it’s a good way to pass time! I highly recommend giving it a shot and bring even more creativity to the app.