My Experience on a Blind Date With my Perfect Astrological Sign

When my friends decided to set me up on a blind date, I immediately said no. It wasn’t until they said he was a Cancer that I agreed, as I myself am a Capricorn.

I’m not big on the whole notion of astrological signs and their compatibility. However, they say Capricorns and Cancers are good together since they are the “mother” and “father” sign. That wasn’t enough to convince me, though, until I realized that my two closest friends were both Cancers themselves. So, naturally, I was intrigued.

Being my Capricorn self, I needed all the details. My friends wanted to keep it blind as possible. Unfortunately for them, I was lucky enough to be holding my friend’s phone when he messaged me, which led to him asking for my number. Now I actually got to talk to him and get to know him before the date.

The plan was that he was going to be my date for a formal event. Everyone was excited, since the first time we’d be seeing each other we would both be all dressed up. My friends had it all planned out to be a magical moment. I was more realistic with my thoughts, and knew it would probably be more awkward.

I’ve always thought that finding someone with a good personality was way more important than how they look, yet not everyone feels that way. I knew one of my biggest concerns was if he would find me attractive or not. As for me, I did my research and got my roommate to check out his Instagram on my behalf.

When I finally got to see him, face to face, it wasn’t even at the formal. He and our mutual friends went to the mall before the event to do some last-minute errands. It was decided that I would go with them, so we all met up at our one friend’s apartment, which is where I met my date.

The way we ended up meeting wasn’t as awkward as I pictured. I think since it wasn’t just the two of us alone it wasn’t that bad, as we always happened to be with other people. I know most people would probably prefer the one-on-one time, and I personally feel like it would have been better if I did get to spend more one-on-one time with him. However, it was nice just having other people that we knew there because if things went really badly we would have other people to hang out instead of being forced to just hang out with each other.

Overall, it was a fun time with friends. It didn’t even feel much like a date. Some people may have been disappointed by it, but I didn’t mind because there weren’t any expectations, pressure or stress. It was just a good time out with friends where we all got to meet new people and have fun. Did it end in true love? No, but I still had a good time — and that’s all that really matters.